The Lion and his Bro

The Lion and his Bro
📌Category: Literature, Tale
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

There was once a lion who was the king of the jungle. He would always be served the best food in the land. For breakfast he would eat an English muffin with eggs and bacon. For lunch he would have a large portion of tilapia. And for dinner he would have a medium rare tomahawk steak with mashed potatoes. He enjoyed his meals, but his little bro always sat on the side of the king waiting for him to offer him something to eat. But he never did.

One day the king was eating his breakfast when he heard a loud noise. He looks out of his palace and he sees his ministers blowing trumpets as representation of a new king of the jungle. The ministers announce “this lion has been chosen to be the new king”. Before he turns around he sees the new king making himself comfortable in his throne. Two days later he gets kicked out of the palace and his younger bro kindly invites him to go live with him.

The former king moves in and his little bro offers to share his cut up apple with him. At that moment the former king starts tearing. His bro asked him what’s wrong, he said just managing to get the words out, “I’m so sorry that I wasn’t nice, I didn’t pay attention to you, and didn’t share my food, that’s probably why I lost my honor”. He sobbed then said “from now on I promise I’ll be nice to you and treat you properly”.


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