The Unexpected Deaths Essay Example

The Unexpected Deaths Essay Example
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đź“ŚPublished: 13 March 2021

When you die, it is said that your whole life whizzes by in an instant. As a reminder of life and all you have loved ones. No one knows if this is true or if it is just a myth and if you experience it you are so close to death that you feel the heat embrace you and the light that seeps in between the eyelids.

The scariest thing is that you never know when this moment will occur if it comes when you are old and fall asleep but never wake up or when you are in your 50s and catch a disease and after a few years it takes over. He sits and thinks these thoughts while he takes his fifth shot of whiskey. "Nothing lasts forever" and in his thoughts he thinks of her. She has golden brown hair and blue eyes as beautiful as the sea. He remembers her scent as if it were his own, lavender. He closes his eyes and thinks of that day. The day he lost her.

He gets up from his chair at the bar. When he stands up, the whole place spins and he falls to his knees. A man with a strange hat, maybe in his 70s, he helps up.

What are you doing here on a night like this? Are you not a little young for drinking?

The man says it with a sadness in his voice

I… I'm 25… Actually. He stammered.

When he has gotten back on his feet, he stumbles out of the bar and onto his car. It's raining, he does not notice. The small junk car is parked with a yellow note on the windshield. He does not notice it either.

He gets in the car and drives. He drives and drives. Straight ahead without stopping. He drives for about 10 minutes before turning onto the side of the road and stopping. With difficulty he steps out of the car and stands on the gray road. The world around him is gloomy and gray but it has stopped raining. He looks straight ahead at the water and the bridge that is not far in front of him. The red Golden gate bridge. He stands still there and thinks. Thinking about life.

Should he continue on the way down. Get drunk and then drive home at night. Or should he suck at the suffering now. It would have been so easy but still difficult. Just one step out, you would have ended up in the bare and black water. But the cold is not the problem. It is the pain of the lungs that runs out of air and the brain that feels like a ticking bomb that should go off at any moment. Once you let water into the lungs, you feel calm and all a problem floats on top.

He thinks about this for a moment. He gets in the car and the engine starts. The gas goes to the bottom and he drives up on the bridge. But he does not stop. He drives straight over it and on until he comes to a block. A block with yellow houses and green lawns. Here the world is happy. Further down he sees house 3b. Where she lives. He looks in the mirror for a moment. His car smells of alcohol and but his eyes glow green even though the bags under them are heavier than stone. He ruffles his hair. When eyes wander back to the road, it is already too late. A few meters in front of him is a black cat. He brakes as hard as he can and tries to turn, but with the speed he drove before, the car overturns.

With a thump he feels how he lifts from the warm seat because he had not been smart enough to put on a seat belt. It turns black. When he opens his eyelids, he stares straight into two blues eyes as beautiful as the sea and the scent of lavender could have been felt from several meters away. He has so many questions.

Like, why is he lying on the ground? Why is he boiling even though it is minus degrees outside?

Why are you crying?

That's the only question he asks. He sees 2 tears running down her cheek. She looks cold. He tries to sit up to give her his jacket but is unable to do so. She tells him to lie down but he does not understand why. He looks down to see his lower half of his body stuck under the car that had overturned. He should not but he laughs. With pain in her eyes, she looks at him and looks confused. Then he says. You feel the attachment in every single word.

No love in the world could have given me happiness if no one is with you. That's why when I think about my life the only thing I see is you…

He takes a break and takes a deep breath.

That's why I'm with you to the end. Until the moment I stop breathing, I want to.

But he does not have time to finish the sentence. With one last breath and his eyes glistening with love, he looks at her.

A few seconds pass and finally his eyes no longer twinkle. They have no soul in them. In her arms he dies. Just before the place is filled with blue lights

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