A Comparison of Smarties and M&M Chocolate

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  • Published: 10 May 2021
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Smarties and M&M's are two candies that cause a lot of debate when it comes which one is the better choice and even though both candies are almost identical, they are, in reality, very dissimilar. So, based on appearance, texture and taste which is the superior option? First and foremost, when it comes to sweets, the appearance is typically the most appealing  feature. Smarties are larger in size compared to M&M’s Candies, which are smaller in size. Furthermore, when it comes to colours, M&M's Candy includes five significant colours, whereas Smarties come in a variety of colours, making Smarties a popular choice.

When it comes to appearance and appeal, it is the better choice. Second, consider the flavour of Candies differ slightly from one another. Despite the fact that they are identical, both candies taste different when they are eaten. When it comes to chocolate the M&M Candies chocolates contain more dark chocolate. which makes the flavour more bitter, sweeter, and chunkier.  A Smarties Candy contains fewer chocolates amounts of chocolate, which also sweetens it but gives it a lighter complexion,transforming it into milk chocolate Smarties have a better taste because it contains chocolate with flavour and sweetness. Finally, texture is associated with candy. Prior to eating, the  texture of the candy is frequently the first thing that is felt. Smarties have a smooth and creamy texture. The candies have a shiny texture, which makes them more appealing in texture. The texture of an M&M Candy is the texture is slightly dull, making it less appealing. In conclusion, Smarties and M&M Candies are similar in many ways, but they are not the same. Smarties are the better choice of candies in terms of appearance, texture, and flavour.

Not only is the appearance appealing, but the taste and texture make it even more the better choice between the two and it is one of the most delicious chocolate-covered candies.


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