Current Health Care Issues Essay Example

Current Health Care Issues Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Healthcare issue is how the cost continues to rise in hospitals which impacts providers and patients. Patients are less willing to seek care when it is really needed because they are worried about that cost and weather they can afford it. Cybersecurity has become a big concern. Since hospitals do not have the latest system to keep things under control. The uncertainty, insufficient reform, funding, drug cost, and the being unable to keep up with the growing patients has made the healthcare industry more challenging (R. (2020, October 1)).

Obamacare has increased the amount of people who are in need of medical care. This has put a lot of pressure on healthcare administration. Since they are areas that need improvement, Obamacare will be replaced with a better one. This leads people to worry about what health insurance they will have in the future. Many stakeholders are concerned about what this can mean for them. The healthcare industry is in need of reform. One of the biggest problems is that a number of physicians prefer to run their own practice. This is taking more doctors out of hospitals and medical facilities. This system is more costly. Patients are not getting the care they need, and more lives are being lost because of it. The Affordable health care act has helped more people get access to doctors, but it has also put a strain on the staff and funding. The medical field has not received any more new funding to be able to handle the increased patients load. One reason that drug cost is continuing to increase is because there is a drug shortage. Since we live in a world where technology rules. People want to be more involved with their health. They want to be able to see their lab works and other information about their help online without having to call the doctor office or being seen in person. This is putting more pressure on upgrading the technology that is currently being used. Making medical facilities invest in security that protects patient information online (Five of the Greatest Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry in Northeast – Healthcare Management Degree Guide. (n.d.)).

To mitigate the cost issue medical facilities can update their systems and invest in telehealth. Most patients can communicate with a healthcare professional for non-emergency problems. Since dealing with covid-19 all 2020. This has helped a lot of people stay in touch with their doctor and still receive the care that they need. Most in person visit is a talking session instead of a physical exam 

Many experts expect to see telehealth usage continue even after the pandemic. This could    include live video appointments with providers via computer or smartphone app, nurse coaching over the phone through the insurance provider and remote patient monitoring. Telehealth appointments typically cost about $45 compared with $100 for an in-person doctor’s office visit and $160 to be seen at an urgent-care clinic. (White, M. (2020, September 30)

A lot of the cost is being shifted to the employee and not the employer. If this changes people will not be stuck with a high bill. Having the employee take more responsibility financially will lead to unhappy staff. Which in the end will hurt the organization. Giving more options for people to make the choice that better fit their lives is a starting way to go.

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