Police Brutality Problem in The United States


What is police brutality? It occurs when law enforcement officers hold excessive authority over citizens. Every year, a large number of national stories are produced to alert authorities to this issue. When the official employs excessive power, he or she can do either verbally or physically. Both instances are examples of a force that is a global problem in American communities. This is why people must respect their right to recognize their right to be able to defend themselves against oppression and abuse. Despite that, the declaration of independence was written to uphold the individual right that all Americans are given at birth, in which police brutality undermines African-Americans right around the world.

As a result of injustice, African american lady, Korryn Gaines, a 23-year-old mother, was 

pulled over for not putting a sticker on her car while driving with her two-year-old son and daughter. When the cops entered her vehicle she clarified that her license plate had been confiscated while she was suing their station. Then had insisted the officers present, his credentials before she agreed with what he was asking her to do. Then one of the police officers reached into the car and turned it off and took the key and ran her information through their database. After a  few hours, the officer let her leave. Hours later a police officer arrived at her house with a warrant for her arrest. She sat on the floor with her son in her lap with a shotgun while the cops opened the door. The officer eventually got into her home and there was an open fire, killing Korryn and was shot four times by ruby and a bullet  struck her son. The jury granted thirty- seven- million dollars to members of the Korryn Gaines family. The Gaines shooter was uncharged with abomination but was prompted. Baltimore County police spokesman Shawn told Baltimore Sun that the state of authority found the shooting to be justified. (The New York Times)

Due to the killing of the African American by a  police officer, Black Lives Mattered to me

for a moment. It was founded to help black people win the right to care with fairness. Recognition. The campaign started with the use of the hashtag on all social sites after a black teenager, Trayvon Martin, was killed in February 2013. The goal of Black Lives Matter is to fight against brutality and constant injustice against black people. Black Lives Matter gives the world insight into what's going on with police departments and the black community. Black Lives Matter has created a place where people can speak up about the injustice system.(#BlackLiveMatter on social media after George Zimmerman)

As shown in the essay police brutality is a very significant problem for people. I would like to see the end of police brutality. All over social media and news headlines these days there is alway something about police brutality in which it is distressing to hear about and see. Police brutality is one of the numerous causes of the death of black people. The Black Lives Matter movement is bound to spread awareness of unjust equality. Also, particular races should have to worry or suffer from the fear of police brutality.


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