Process Analysis: Prescription Medication

Process Analysis: Prescription Medication
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Every prescription starts at the doctor office or even at virtual visit in present times. It can be written, verbal, or electronical. All of three of these options have many requirements in order to be legally filled in a pharmacy.  These requirements are checked at a data entry part of a pharmacy. The data entry pharmacy technician's job is to check for the correct spelling of everything including patient names, drug names, and even the prescriber's name. Next, they check the date of when the script was created, expiration dates depend on the drug’s type and class. They also check all quantities or numbers on the script to verify any regulations with the drug. Also, the patient's full name and date of birth are required. A signature is also required from a licensed prescriber. If the script is taken verbally over the phone the prescriber provides a DEA which is equivalent to a signature. Verbal prescriptions are restricted to certain types and classes of drugs. Our data entry person enters all this information in the computer, making it electronic copy. Attaching any photos of verbal and or written prescriptions to the electronic copy. Then our data entry technician applies any coupons or insurance billing information to the prescription.  

Filling the actual prescription can be considered the easiest part of the process. The pharmacy technician starts by finding the prescription on the computer which was sent to them by the data entry technician. Then they print off labels for the prescription along with all warning information about the drug. Minnesota state law requires an informational paper to be given with every prescription. Every drug has a name however, there are brand names and generic names of drugs. Most people get generic drugs due to the much lower price point. Also, every drug has a specific NDC on the bottle or box or even vial. By using the name and NDC the technician can locate the correct drug and dose. They then scan the bottle into the computer which will confirm the correct NDC has been selected. Next the technician counts out the pills on a counting tray with a spatula. This counting tray and scapula are sanitized between certain types of drugs but not all. Then an adequate size bottle is selected for the drug. The drug is put into the pill bottle and then labeled with the printed labels. The prescription and information are then kept together and passed onto the pharmacist.  

The pharmacist job sounds very simple, as they are to check for any mistake made by the pharmacy technicians. For them to check for any mistake they must check every single step that the two technicians did. They check the prescription for any error by the doctor or between entering the electronic system. Check for any possibility of a fake or illegal prescription. Then they check to see if the medication looks correct coloring and size. If the prescription is a narcotic, they double count it with their tray and scapula. Then they scan the label on the pill bottle and scan their fingerprint to confirm everything is correct. The prescription is now ready to sell to the patient. 


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