The Impact of Television on The Younger Generation Essay

The Impact of Television on The Younger Generation Essay
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Vivid flashes of color shine on the children’s faces. It can often feel like children never quit watching the light patterns shining on the tv. Time and time again, children can spend a lot of time in front of a tv, iPad, phone, or any other device that provides entertainment. Sometimes, it can feel as if  - in some homes - the tv is always on. This incessant viewing can change a child’s life and could affect them in the long term.

Excessive television viewing might cause problems with the children’s mental capacity - most likely making it more difficult for them to learn and understand later on. An article written by Sagari Gongala and Dr. Sadhvi Mythili states, “researchers found that tv viewing might lower cognitive abilities related to short term memory, early reading, math skills, and language development.” Similarly, an article written by the University of Montreal states: “‘We found every additional hour of TV exposure among toddlers corresponded to a future decrease in classroom engagement and success at math...’ says lead author Dr. Linda S. Pagani.” Kids that watch too much tv can have some major side effects. Later on in life, many kids have problems learning how to read, do math, and speak. This can be caused by tv viewing.

While watching too much tv can cause less learning ability, it can also cause physical and behavioral differences. Watching tv may replace the time that could be used for more hands-on learning and playing. This can cause there to not be enough extra time for them to engage in other, more mentally promoting activities. Dr. Pagini says: “Common sense would have it that TV exposure replaces time that could be spent engaging in other developmentally enriching activities and tasks which foster cognitive, behavioral, and motor development.”  Sitting in front of the tv may not provide the same cognitive experience as playing or having social interactions according to the doctor. Watching excessive amounts of tv can take time out of children’s lives that could be used for more enhancing activities.

In addition, movies and tv shows can hyperbolize the violence found in today’s everyday world. This can be traumatizing for the children. In the same article by Sagari Gongola and Dr. Sadhvi Mythili, the evidence is shown. “Movies and other television shows may exaggerate reality and create extremely violent scenes online, which may be terrifying for kids.” Children often believe whatever they see, possibly making these violent and chaotic scenes more harmful to them. The exaggeration shown in tv shows can traumatize children and can create a frantic fear of leaving the safety of their homes. 

Along with over-exaggeration, tv shows can also shield kids from the bad things that do happen. This can create terror when they realize life isn’t like cartoons. The article states: “At the same time, animated and cartoon shows, which underplay the effects of violence, may desensitize kids to real-world events.” While kids may need some sheltering from real-world events to function properly, the perfect life of a cartoon can cause them more harm than good. 

Young kids can be harmed by the light shining on their faces: tv. It may cause mental deficiencies, physical and behavioral problems, and could over or under exaggerate the violence found in our world today. More studies are ongoing today, finding more evidence of the negative effects of tv watching inflicts. 


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