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  • Published: 07 May 2021
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YOLO - You Only Live Once, thus, live your life to the fullest. Probably, most of us have heard about it and I do believe in this saying. But does our life or existence have significance? We all have different viewpoints in life or philosophies. It might be true, but not believable for some or applicable for all. The essence of this section is to look from other perspective and try to deeply understand each. Despite of having different philosophies, come to think of we are gifted to have a body and soul. Thus, let us use these gifts to live our life to the fullest.

There are numerous philosophers arguing if the body and soul are separated or not. But, most of them claim that we do have both. The “self” is considered to be the overall director of ourselves. Therefore, we are accountable for our decisions and actions that we make, even for good or bad. 

The trading happened during the Pre-socratic opens to the exchange of ideas to know and understand more about the “self”.  Aristotle and St. Augustine claims that the body and soul are connected as one. It accentuated that it works together wherein the soul thinks and the body does. 

However, some philosophers such as Socrates and Plato argue that the body and soul are separated from one another. They believe that the body is temporary, and the soul is immortal. It emphasizes that we should give attention and importance to our soul as it continues to exist even without the body. So, people should consider reasons to rely for a wise decision to make, biological needs for the physical appetite and the spirit or passion for basic emotions.

Everything has a reason; it is been emphasized in rationalism that we have primary objectives. The decisions that we make will reflect in our purpose. And the actions that we do will affect or change us. John Locke stated that we are just like a blank tablet at first, we will only be filled through experiences that will give us lessons. Additionally, David Hume define that people constantly changes, we do not stay on who we are since the day that we are born. Through our experiences, we continuously develop and as we develop, we should be aware if we are enriching both our body and soul, with or without a reward.   

Indeed, we only live once so we have to maximize this opportunity. Despite of the different philosophies that are not applicable for all, we certainly need to take care of our body and soul. In taking care of ourselves, consider how your inner self feel and what does your outer self needs. Your “self” is the director of your own. You are the only one responsible to fill yourself with knowledge through experiences. But, be wise in making decision as it affects you or might change you for better or even for worse. 

For us to live our life to the fullest, we shall wisely use our given gifts: the body and soul. We have to be open for learnings and experiences to enjoy our lives, to enrich our body and soul and to give significance for our existence, with or without any reward. The different philosophies brought us wide perspective to understand ourselves deeply.


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