Can sodium bicarbonate whiten the teeth without damaging them

Can sodium bicarbonate whiten the teeth without damaging them
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Can sodium bicarbonate whiten the teeth without damaging them? 
Ancient Egyptians used to use baking soda to clean teeth and treat wounds. Sodium bicarbonate has many uses, and this
chemical compound has a very extensive history. It was discovered a long time ago, in the late 19th century, especially in 1791, by a chemist named Nicolas Leblanc((Crystals Hills, “History and Use of Sodium Bicarbonate” ). Sodium bicarbonate can be found on the World Health Organization’s list of medicines. It is used in several domestic and industrial uses. The purpose of this experiment was to test how sodium bicarbonate whitens the teeth without damaging it when it comes in contact with water.

This experiment examined the effect of sodium bicarbonate on the teeth. In this experiment, baking soda was used for whitening the teeth because when it comes in contact with water, it formed an alkaline solution which helped in whitening the teeth. If we test the amount of sodium bicarbonate that can whiten the teeth, then the risk it has of damaging the teeth will decrease. This paper discusses several examples of sodium bicarbonate and the effect it has on whitening the teeth.

1. Half of teaspoon of baking soda
2. Few drops of water
3. Small cup for mixing the baking soda and water
4. Toothbrush or everyone using their finger
5. Stopwatch that will be set up 2 minutes
1.Half a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of water are mixed together using a
small bowl or cup.
2.After it mixed well of baking soda and few drops of water, craft a paste
3.Then after that, once you have the paste apply to your teeth
4.There will three trials for testing if it works well
5. Everyone will be timed approximately 2 minutes

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