Comparing And Contrasting The Limits On European Immigration To The Limits On Muslim Countries

Comparing And Contrasting The Limits On European Immigration To The Limits On Muslim Countries
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📌Published: 06 April 2021

Today, I am going to compare and contrast the limits on European immigration to the limits on Muslim countries. The reason for this comparison is because of how these two subjects feel like history is repeating itself with these two subjects. The way that they were perceived by the public was very similar but I will get to that in another paragraph. To fully grasp why they are similar and different, I need to go on a full in-depth explanation to explain both of these subjects. So with that being said, let's talk about the first subject. 

The first subject we will be talking about is the executive order former President Donald J. Trump signed limiting travel from seven majority Muslim counties: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The first point on this order is that one of the reasons that this order was put to play was because of the fear of Muslims. When this order was being promoted, many Trump supporters and Trump himself wanted to ban all Muslims, which probably led to the order being made and set to these majority Muslim countries. The second point is that this order was passed because of the fear of new ideology and beliefs. This is due to how many people that believed in the Trump administration had the fear that if there is not a ban on these certain countries, there will be, “Sharia Law and terrorism'' being forced onto people in the U.S and replace the true American Ideologies according to many conservative outlets on the internet. The third and last point is that many people view it as a destruction of American values. This is due to the fact that many people believe everyone is welcome here and shouldn’t be banned because of someone who looks like them who did a bad thing.  

The next subject is the limits on European immigration after World War 1. This was done by making the legislation of the immigration quotas which controlled the entering of the number of Jewish(German), Italian, Russian, Greek, Polish and Slavic immigrants that were allowed to immigrate to America. The first point is that the legislation was made to block out new political ideologies from getting into the U.S. This is due to how at the time, Anarchism and Communism were on the rise in eastern countries so the best thing that the U.S could do was limit the number of immigrants coming in from countries in the east so no one would be influenced on the regular from these two ideologies. Not to mention people were scared of the ideology entirely. The second point is that the legislation is also the result of a conservative standpoint. This is due to how people at the time wanted to stay the same and not have different cultural beliefs come to the U.S but for everybody to act as if they were the average white man or women in society. The third and last point is that this legislation was to be believed as unconstitutional. This is due to how in the words of Representative London of New York, “To prevent immigration means to cripple the United States. Our most developed industrial States are those which have the largest immigration.”

Now we can get to the similarities and differences between these two subjects. The first similarity is that both of these laws were based on fear of new ideologies entering the U.S. The first difference is that the “Muslim Ban,” focused on predominantly Muslim countries while the “Immigration quotas,” focused on countries that were were either close or impacted by communism or Anarchy. The second similarity is that both people who did not like the laws that handled immigration were un-American and were not fair to the people who were working hard to get to the U.S.A. The second difference is that with the executive order from Trump, many of his followers think that, “Sharia Law and terrorism” will be pushed while people after World War two believe that Communism and Anarchy will be pushed. In conclusion, I can say that these two subjects are very similar when it comes to the reaction of the public and immigration but are different due when it comes to which country to limit. With that being said, that's how immigration then and now has been with fears of the new coming in to replace the old and new ideologies surrounding the United States of America. This is truly history repeating itself. 

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