Essay On Distracted Driving

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  • Published: 21 May 2021
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Every day, our highways, streets, and expressways get busier as our population keeps growing and as more people are learning how to drive and getting on the road. Distracted driving is not an issue for new drivers but mostly for people that have been on the road quite often as adults and some teens. Anyhow, today's social issue is not as it used to be. Now, we have laws that can help with distracted driving and can lower the death causes of texting and driving. The death cases are increasing every year because of texting and driving or distracted driving. The main disturbance at the time while driving was changing the radio station, but in today's society people are mostly interested in their phones, tablets, and others, etc. Texting appears to be the most distracting while driving nowadays because of all the texting and driving. Florida has passed laws to help reduce texting and driving. In order to get punished for texting and driving, you must have to be committing a second offense that doesn't include texting or being on the phone while stopped at a red light. 

Florida passed a law in 2013 making it illegal to text and drive. According to “Does Florida's Ban on Texting Work?” , this law states that “ in order to get punished or in trouble you have to commit at least a second offense”, which concerns Americans with questions because of how effective this law may be. People fear that teens and other drivers will not be open minded to this law because of their(teens and other drivers) ignorance. Additionally, residents also fear that this can lead to others breaking the law, causing an accident, and/or involving other innocent people to risk losing their lives over a notification that could have waited until parked or in a safe location. All of these issues are making Americans want to create a more enhanced and better law because Florida has not done much to keep this danger off the road. To avoid getting a ticket or causing an accident keep your yes on the road and pit the phone down. “Put it down: focus on driving”Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles gives you tips on how to stop distracting yourself while driving, For example, “If you don’t feel multitasking or experienced enough, next time when you receive a call from someone, let it ring. If it’s something urgent, you can pull over anytime when you have the possibility and call back the certain person.”  Using the tips that the FHP gives you can help you and others be more cautious when driving. Also, it can save you or someone else's life because now your focus will be on the road instead of your phone. People might argue that driving and texting is not dangerous because in “Study: Majority of Drivers Do Not Believe Texting While Driving is Dangerous” it states that “The press release states that cellphones have contributed to one-fourth of all car accidents, but the actual risk varies based on what action the person behind the wheel is performing, and what is physically and cognitively needed of the driver.” However, distracted driving in fact is dangerous because many innocent people die because of people that text and drive and there are many sources that can give you more information and educate you about the serious danger that comes with distracted driving. Therefore, people that claim that driving and driving  isn't dangerous are ignorant. All in All, put your phone down while driving and be considerate of other people on the road.