Life As An Adolescent Essay Example

Life As An Adolescent Essay Example
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📌Published: 17 March 2021

Arguably the most troublesome period of one's life is when they are an adolescent. Teenagers are in a stage in their lives where they are far too mature to be considered children but much too young and immature to be labeled as an adult. This leads to teenagers feeling lost and confused about who they are, what they like, and where they belong. But, there’s one thing teens are sure about, and that’s fashion. Teenagers often focus too much on what they wear because clothing allows them to feel beautiful, get status and to express themselves.

In this day and age beauty standards are far too unrealistic since the people we find attractive are filled with plastic surgery and botox. With the beauty standards this high, It’s hard for teens to look in the mirror and feel beautiful with their natural self. Since it's hard for teenagers to find beauty in themselves they use fashion to feel beautiful. Teenagers focus a lot on what they wear for this reason. Feeling beautiful is one of the most empowering feelings to have but this feeling can be very hard to achieve. Not every piece of clothing is going to make you feel pretty which has an outcome of teens spending a lot of time on what they wear. They want to find clothing that makes them feel as beautiful as Aurdrey Hepurn or Marilyn Monroe. Teens want to feel and look fabulous and clothing helps achieve that but it also makes teens focus a lot on what they are wearing. 

Status is everything when it comes to teenagers, every teen wants to be a part of the social hierarchy and the best way to do so is having good clothing. Studies have shown that if you have good clothing you are more likely to be popular in school. Furthermore, scholars have even asked teens to describe the popular group in their school, and each teenager mentioned the popular crowd as being “well dressed.” The dream as a teen is to be popular in high school, after all it is romanization in every high school movie. Since good clothing is a huge part of being a member of the social hierarchy, teenagers often focus far too much on what they wear. They are constantly trying to buy the best clothes and brands such as Adidas, Nike, Brandy, and many more to impress the popular kids at school and to hopefully become one of them.

Every teenager has the struggle of not knowing how to express themselves. This is mainly because they don’t know who they are as a person since they are still discovering themselves. But there's one thing every teenager knows, and that is their fashion sense. To teenagers, fashion is crucial as it shows everyone who they are or even what kind of person they desire to be. The teenage part of life is defined by the desire for a private identity and what adolescents wear has an enormous position in assembling that identity. This can result in teenagers directing too much attention on what they wear. Teens want to find the perfect garments that express their personality and feelings. As a teen myself I can confirm that clothing is one of the only ways that effectively expresses who I am as a person which ends up with me spending a great amount of time focusing on what I chose to wear.

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