Life on Mars Essay Example

Life on Mars Essay Example
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📌Published: 08 April 2021

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I present u JTX3, the first rocket to bring humans to live on Mars!!” *applause*. The Marz family is one of very few humans to have the chance to live on Mars. Only the richest of the rich can afford to live on Mars. The Marz family is going to be living on Mars with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have decided not to bring their family for safety reasons.

Once the Marz family landed on Mars they headed out towards their vertical h2o pod. “Wow this is so nice!” he proclaimed when he entered their new home. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates got their own pods while the Marz family shared with each other. The pods were around 2,000 square feet  complete with a theater room, indoor pool, stargazing room, and a very spacious living room and kitchen (pun intended) The mom proclaimed “This is almost better than our old house” and the family burst out into laughter. After fully moving in all of their bags, clothes, and  other belongings. The Marz family headed over to the h2o center and received their water supply. The Marz family was really starting to like life on Mars. “Mom it is so weird here why can’t we just go back home?” “I’m sorry but I am afraid that we can not go home just yet, don't worry we will all get used to it”. Jeff, Bill, and the Marz family head to the Town Hall to discuss resources and how to conserve what they have. After the meeting they receive their food, and seeds to grow food themselves for the month.

As the Marz family went to bed Mr. Marz heard a high pitched noise coming from the green room. He was interested in what it could be so he went and checked it out. As he got closer to the room the louder it became and he was starting to get worried. He sprinted upstairs and pleaded everyone to get their suits on as fast as they can. As everyone was getting their suits on they heard a loud “RIIIP!” and everyone immediately headed over to the Town Hall to fix their house from ripping apart completely. Everyone was sleeping and the doors were locked! But, Mr. Marz remembered during the meeting that there was a key to every room in the Vault. They quickly head over and punch in the code to receive the “Ultra Key”. Once they arrived at the Storage Managers room they screamed at him to wake him up and helped him get his suit on and quickly went over back to their pod. As they were going back they noticed that half their house was GONE!! In Mr. Marz’s  Mr. Marz screamed “FAST!”. They then grabbed some resources from the storage center to fix their house. They worked until the morning to fix up the torn house.A couple months later it was going really well, no more rips or tears in their house. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and the Marz family are all used to Mars now and are thriving on the new planet. The Marz family is very smart and took advantage of the fact that there are under 15 people that live on Mars and there is no video of life on Mars so they decided to start a vlogging channel on Mars and are getting around 10-30 million views per video! So far everyone that is living on Mars is very healthy and has no side effects.

The son of the Marz family has been thinking about moving back to Earth since he recently turned 18. He still doesn’t feel safe on Mars after the tear  accident. So he files out a fake sickness sheet and a home order where he has to have an emergency ride home to Earth. He zooms back home to pursue his dream in music. When he finally arrived he rented an apartment in Honolulu and bought a studio to start recording. After a couple months he is done with his first song and it absolutely blows up. He then proceeds to make an album and it does just as well. He travels around the world doing concerts and making a living out of this new life he has. Every week he texts his parents and facetimes them. He talks to them about how nice it is on Earth and non worrisome. Every now and then he tries to convince his parents to come back down to Earth to visit him and go back to normal life on Earth, But the Marz family doesn’t budge.

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