Pets In The Workplace Argumentative Essay

Pets In The Workplace Argumentative Essay
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Do you want to bring your pet to work with you? So you don’t have to leave them home alone all day, if you want to hear more read this essay. This debate essay is about why pets should or shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace. I am choosing you should allow pets in the workplace and this is because some people have issues that they need a service dog in the first place however this shows that dogs should be allowed in the work because for an engaging and exciting work environment and studies have shown that unhappy workers can cause a company to lose tens and thousands of dollars. 

The reason that pets should be allowed in the workplace is they have a positive impact on employees. Giving the employees the option to bring their pets to work could also save them the worry associated with leaving a pet at home. This shows instead of rushing through work at the end of the day to go home let the dog out they have the dog with them so they can continue working and stop rushing in addition, in the text it states that “I would choose a pet friendly office over the majority of other job offers out there”. This demonstrates that people would like to have there pets at there workplace too. Finally, It lowers the stress of employees, increases morale, produces tangible health benefits, and reduces turnover, all at no cost to the company. This proves that there should be pets allowed in the workplace. It is clear that humans relieve stress when there animal is by. 

The reason that dogs should be allowed in the workplace is that most people love dogs. For example “The majority of workers in pet-friendly workplaces consider the policy to be positive. A full 91 percent of managers and 82 percent of employees felt workers become more loyal to”. This shows that dogs can be comfortable around other employees and dogs. In addition, Dog owners in the office will most likely have to walk their dog at t least once a day, allowing them the opportunity to get away from their computer and into the open air. This demonstrates that some workers will have to get up a few times a day to let there dog out to go to the bathroom. It is clear that the company would benefit from having dogs on there work insurance. 

However some people argue that having a dog at a workplace is bad, but they are wrong, dogs allowed in the workplace would benefit the workers because dogs are good with stress and anxiety and health problems so if something happens to a human the dogs will help. This is not a valid argument because humans are not afraid of dogs if they are in a workplace because they will most likely have to be trained. This evidence undoubtedly provides that dogs should be allowed in the workplace.

With a doubt dogs should be allowed in the workplace. The evidence suggests that dogs should be allowed in the workplace because they are good help with medical issues and anxiety and other issues. It is important to consider that dogs are nice and that if they are trained they should be allowed into the workplace.  

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