Trying Something New Essay Example

Trying Something New Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Lao Tzu once said, “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be”. He believed that trying something new is a risk that is worth taking. When someone experiments with new ideas and interests, they are opening up opportunities for growth and a positive future. Trying new things will lead to endless possibilities of a better life and the chances of finding something that you love.

Throughout my life I have heard numerous people express their opinion that trying new things is a pointless action that is too risky and will only bring failure. However, this customary belief is obviously not true, and for countless reasons. If you take a risk and try something new, and it does not go so well, there is nothing stopping you getting back up and trying again in something else. Trying new activities has been proven to be successful in some of the most significant lives of today. Just take a look at Michael Jordan. He is known now as an NBA legend, however before playing basketball he tried pursuing a career in Minor League Baseball. In 1994, Michael attempted playing Baseball, however due to his lack of his experience, he was looked at as a failure and retired from the league. He then turned to Basketball, and is now seen by some as one of the most prestigious athletes to ever walk planet Earth. This is just one instance where trying something new played an enormous role in the triumph  of one man's career.

I can say firsthand that trying something new is the right way to go. Let's travel back to 2017, where you have me, a 12 year old boy who had just moved from California to Texas, and did not know anyone but his Parents and Siblings. At 12 years of age, I still had not found an Identity in any certain hobby or sport, so my parents kept pushing me to find something until I did. After trying countless different sports and activities that never rightly fit, I had almost given up, until my Mom had the Idea for me to try tennis. I first thought no and had a pessimistic  outlook towards any sport, however after I was convinced to play at my first tennis practice, my mind had instantly changed. This sport was something that I have actually excelled at and could have enjoyment playing in my free time. If it weren't for trying out tennis, I would have never met any of my friends, and would not have found an activity that keeps me active and enlivened on the daily. This portrays another example of how trying something created a new and greater way of life for me.

Another great case of this in history could be the simple creation of the Electrically Powered Light Bulb. In 1802, the first electric Light was created by Humphry Davy. Humphry Davy was a determined English Chemist who was looking to create an electric light using an electric battery, wires, and carbon. After many hours in the office experimenting with innumerable new techniques and ways of invention, Humphry finally found a way for the Carbon to glow, and eventually assembled the contraption to perform as a working light bulb. The electric light bulb was a significant invention that changed the way that people live, and was solely created by a man who knew that attempting at different ideas was bound to bring him success.

Earth is a place where taking risks and trying on new things is necessary for growth and achievement. There is nothing more that a speed bump in life will do other than slow you down and prepare you for what you have waiting ahead.

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