Benefits of Living in Houston Essay Example

I remember the day I landed at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport like it was yesterday morning. It was a first, never had I been in such a chaotic yet pleasant domain like the world beyond the airport doors. So many faces and shapes, voices and colors, a sight that I’d only seen on television back home in Nigeria. I watched as people called for taxis, hopped on buses, and walked the streets of Houston in a hurrying manner yet still with elation. Twelve years, many may consider that lengthy while others concise, but in the twelve years I’ve lived in Houston this city has proven itself worthy. As diversity holds a high hand throughout the city, and attainability proves itself greatly, the faults of this town are proven worth it with a pleasant flee from bias.

With time comes change, and life in a constantly evolving city has unveiled that in various ways. Growing up, I was only ever surrounded with children that looked like me, so when my Pre-K teacher sat me next to who would soon become my elementary best friend, a short Filipino boy named Heinrick, it was striking. I find that one of the things that comes with being the fourth most-populated city in the United States is diversity. Houston is home to millions of unconnected, different-in-their-own-way, varying beings that make up the community many of us feel welcomed in. From the neighborhoods in third ward to the suburbs deep in the woodlands, at one point in time there’s been a feeling of connectedness between the two. Harboring those from all around the world, for all different reasons, the city of Houston has certainly proved itself qualified in the area of diversity. 

While holding an advantage in variance, when one breaks down the rather more important qualities, Houston also takes the cake. As an influx of people from all around the world, immigrants and citizens, find their way to Houston, one question is constantly posed. Why Houston? Time and time again, a constant factor is considered when answering such questions, the cost of living and the benefits that follow. Houston is greatly known for the cost-efficient factors when it comes to planning out a life in this fast-paced city. Real estate is always on an uprising as those from different states move in awe at the suitability ushered in this city. Features such as toll prices, the cost of gas per gallon, minimum wage and much more all aid to the standard Houston is held up to. However, great qualities also come downsides and many Houstonians tend to emphasize those faults when speaking of this town. 

No city is perfect–at least not in the United States, where every town has their own faults that have been acquired. As for Houston, the majority of our problems lie in the weather and on the road. Some may complain that the heat here is unbearable, but we are eventually hit with rainfall, which if we are lucky is plain rain and not rain that turns into floods. While many may see weather as a small issue, traffic also seems to be a constant topic of discussion. Still, with the incoming of more and more people, one can reasonably expect for traffic to occur, especially in a city of over 2 million people. Our faults aren’t high in number, instead the different attributes that this city stands on, from entertainment to affordability, diversity and togetherness all make up where we lack.

In fine, the city of Houston has completely proved itself worthy in many aspects despite its different faults. Living in this town has shaped me into the caring, broad-minded, outgoing Houstonian that I am proud to be. With an in-depth introduction to diversity, a foot in well-rounded affordability, and faults that build the city up, worthy is an understatement. Overall, while many may disagree with my outlook on the city, one cannot say that the city of Houston does not carry impeccable characteristics. If you take anything from this, let it be that Houston has stood for centuries, and all credit goes to the people who have lived here, live here, will live here, and make Houston the city that it is today.


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