School Uniforms Essay Example

School Uniforms Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

Although school uniforms can help lower distractions at school, it is more beneficial for kids to wear their own clothes because kids express themselves through their clothes, uniforms can be expensive, and so many students do not feel confident in school uniforms. 

Some people argue saying that school uniforms can get rid of distractions at school. But what kind of distractions are we talking about? One article stated, “Wearing school uniform enables a student to concentrate more on studies and less on clothes and other non-productivity activities. Students in a similar outfit also make students less concerned about what other people are wearing” (Top 10 Reasons School Uniforms Should be Mandatory). Students can be so easily distracted, and sometimes bright, flashy, clothes make it hard for kids to focus on studies and what is really important at school. When students are not focused on what they are wearing or what their classmates are wearing, they can better focus on their schoolwork and not be so worried about other things. In an article telling about a trial against school uniforms in Phoenix, Arizona says, “Testimony was presented at trial that the uniform policy reduced clothing distractions” (School Uniforms Reduce Distractions, Aid safety). In a time where kids are already faced with so many distractions, sometimes it can be helpful to just get rid of them altogether. Many people think that if we just get students to wear school uniforms it will help other students focus. 

Despite the strong claim that school uniforms can lower distractions, students wearing their own clothes can express themselves so much more. When a student is able to wear their own clothes, they can show the type of person they are, or who they want to show themselves as. A student that was forced to wear uniforms all their life shared about her experience saying, “Everyone hated it. It completely killed any sense of individuality any one of us had. Everyone looked the same. It was hard to watch” (Uniforms Destroy Individuality). Clearly, students with experience in wearing uniforms feel that they take away all of a student’s rights to their own individuality. One of the most crucial things in school is finding yourself and the person you want to be, and if you can’t truly show yourself, you will never find yourself. In the same article it makes you think, “Is it fair to prevent them (students) from exploring self-expression by making them wear uniforms? By taking away a student’s right to choose what to wear, we also take away the opportunity to express oneself.” When students are forced to wear the same clothes as everyone else, there will be no opportunities to stand out from everyone else and show the world who they are. 

Another reason why it is so hard for some students to wear school uniforms is because school uniforms can be expensive. Here is the thing, if you are going to purchase a uniform that is supposed to last a whole school year, you must get the best quality ones so that they are durable on moving teens and kids. As most cases go, the most durable brands will also be the most expensive ones. There are so many students who do not have the budget or the means to purchase a uniform at such high costs. Studies show that, “a full uniform outfit can cost from $25 to $200 depending on the school and retailer, with a full wardrobe of uniforms ranging from $100 to $600 for four or five mix and match outfits” (Arguments Against School Uniforms). That is such a costly investment for an outfit that will only be worn for a few hours of the day. Obviously, these prices are not the same everywhere and can vary from school to school, but one other statistic that puts things into perspective says, “A typical girls’ uniform school wardrobe costs $283 a year, and the average boys’ uniform school wardrobe costs $315” (School Uniform Costs). For so many people, on top of other expenses, they cannot afford school uniforms, making them more of a stress, rather than a blessing. 

Lastly, many students do not feel confident in school uniforms. As a teenager, one of your biggest stresses is what you wear, how you look, and the way people see you. It is often hard feeling confident and proud in our own clothes, and then when you are forced to wear certain clothes, it just makes it worse. Robyn Silverman, a child and the teenager development specialist told NBC News “As a body image expert, I hear from students all the time that they feel it (wearing uniforms) allows for a lot of comparisons. So if you have a body that’s a plus-size body, a curvier body, a very tall body, a very short body, those girls often feel that they don’t look their best” (Why School Uniforms are a Bad Idea). If students are not forced to wear a uniform, they have the chance to find clothes that are more flattering to their body’s shape and size. Building good self-esteem at a young age is crucial and can be changed so much in these stages.


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