Starfish Research Paper Example

Starfish Research Paper Example
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📌Published: 22 April 2021

Sea stars or otherwise known as sea stars are amazing creatures with many different features. They are extremely different from any other creature in the ocean. With their own special body parts like tubed feet which are little suction cups on the bottom of their rays that help move them through the water.
They are in the phylum Echinoderm. A common misconception is that they are fish when they are not part of the fish family. 
 Unlike humans, they do not have a brain, blood, or a heart. They use what they call the water vascular system, which is like our circulatory system but adapted to them. One of their coolest features is the way that they eat, their stomach comes out of their mouth to grab their food and pulls it back into digest it. On the outside of a starfish, there are tiny spines that cover the entire body, and it protects him from predators.
Starfish can last up to 5 days out of the water. On their bodies, they have what they call eyespots which detect light and its general direction or in other words eyes. They are not like human eyes because we can see everything but they can only see light and its general direction. Starfish move anywhere from 0.3 mm/per second to 50mm/per second, which is pretty fast for a starfish.

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