Voting in Canada Experience Essay

Voting in Canada Experience Essay
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

I have heard many of my family friends or neighbours complain about their representatives in parliament or about municipal, provincial, or federal politics. When I have asked them if they were planning on voting in an upcoming election, many said that they were not as they did not believe it would change anything. This brought my attention to an issue that I find especially important: a lack of voter turnout in elections. 

Voting gives individuals the chance to make a positive impact by supporting candidates who are fighting to improve communities, provinces, or the entire country. When there is a lack of voter turnout, many have forfeited these powers and have not had a say in electing officials who will affect their lives. 

To help solve this issue, in August of 2018, I joined a federal election campaign in my riding as a voter outreach coordinator. My primary responsibility was to inform people of the upcoming 2019 Canadian federal election. 

Up until election day, I canvassed neighbourhoods in my riding for an average of 25 hours per week. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I always persisted in my task because I knew that I was making a difference. I reached thousands of houses and informed their residents about how they could get out to vote in the 2019 election.

My hard work has contributed to addressing the problem of a lack of voter turnout in elections. Moreover, it certainly played a part in my riding’s 78.7% voter turnout in the 2019 federal election, which was the second-highest in all of Canada. 

In the future, I plan on spreading awareness for municipal and provincial elections as well. I also encourage my friends to participate in voter outreach in their communities. I believe that to increase voter turnout, individuals should dedicate their time to helping election campaigns and that a culture of political involvement must be promoted. 

By solving this issue, more Canadians will have a say in their future, and democracy in Canada will be strengthened.

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