Why Learning English is so Important Essay Example

Why Learning English is so Important Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

A lot of people say that “English is so easy” and “English is my favorite subject”. If you would have asked freshman year if English was my favorite sobject, I would have told you “NO”. English is something that I have always struggled with. I struggled with it so bad that I had to be held back a year for it. To me I thought that English was a waste of time and that nothing that I planned on doing will have to do with it. That was totally wrong. English is the most important thing that you need to have. We use english skills for everything. We use them when we read a book, writing a paper, or making a script for a play or movie. There are so many different things that we use from English that it would take forever to state them all. English skills helps us better understand what we are reading and writing. It helps us look at things in a different way. Everyone has a certain thing that helps them even more. Some things that help me when I am doing stuff for english is Organization, Evaluating a source, and Annotating. These skills have helped more than you would think. English is all around us, and helps us understand things in a different perspective.

A lot of people do not realize this but Organization is what makes your paper a great paper. Organization is a very important skill to have. Without it the paper that you write will not make any sense. Organization makes the paper you are writing flow and comes together good. Being able to write a powerful paper comes from the way you combined the thesis or argument to the paper. A thesis statement is the thing that opens the path to the paper that you are writing. Now I am not saying that I know how to write a good thesis, because sometimes I don't. I have always struggled when it comes to making thesis statements, but I alway get my paper to have a good flow to it. In my recent paper that I did my thesis flowed and opened the path to what I was writing about. Drinking age, Synthesis response essay, “Although there are a few people that think lowering the drinking age is the best thing to do, however lowering the drinking age is not a good idea because of how people under the age of 21 are not fully matured yet.” I was able to show my topic, what others believed in, and what I believed in and was able to find a way to make it flow together. After I graduate I plan on becoming an Architect. Part of the job is to write reports and presentations. Knowing how to Organise a paper will really help me write a nice and clean report and a nice clear presentation.

Another way that English helps with your work is Evaluating a source. It is very important to know how to evaluate a source. It is important to know because it is good to know if a website has the information that you need. You don't want to get your research from a website that doesn't know what they are talking about. Here are some things that you would need to find a good website. First it is impotent to see when the website was published and when it was last updated. Second is to see if the website relates to your topic. After that check to see if the author put their name and date on it. It is also good to know if it is a good URL. Final check for spelling errors. These are the main steps that I lookout for when I am finding a good source. In my assignment Evaluating sources. I was able to use all of these steps to get a good website that went well with my topic. Knowing how to find a good website can make your papers stronger and more powerful. I know that I will be using this in the future when I am making  my reports and presentations. 

Annotating is another very important skill to have. Annotating makes you better understand what you are reading, and is such an easy thing to do. The way to annotate is only a few simple steps. First you have to read the book or passage. While you are reading, try looking for things that stand out to you. Like keywords and phrases. As you are doing this, it is best to highlight or underline the sentences or phrases that you were looked out for. To the side of the paper where you highlighted or underlined. Write a two sentence summary about the thing that you read. If you are not able to write right next to it then you can draw an arrow that points to it so that you don't get confused later on. Annotating has really helped me become a better read than I was. When I read I always zone out and forget what I am reading. So annotating really comes in handy when I read. I know that I will be using this skill for the rest of my life.

I have struggled a lot in my reading and writing skills, but look how far I have come. I have learned a lot about English this past semester. Stuff that I have learned before, but never really understood it until now. This year really opened my eyes to a lot of different skills. I’m still not the best at reading and writing, but I know that I will get better as the year goes on. English is a very important subject, and it is Important that we know how to use it.


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