A Career as an Animator

A Career as an Animator
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The idea of jobs has encountered stereotypes over the ages. Thought of as an obligation, burden, redundant task that you do to get it completed with the only objective typically being the paycheck. However, it doesn't have to be like that. You can improve that, don't go through your days unprepared, then find yourself stuck in a career, doing what you love in borrowed time at home. Hobbies, talents, the things thought only to be for enjoyment. Those are the jobs that you can do! Those are the skills for your future. Don't sludge through the mud, because now is the time to find the things you love! Although work and practice are always needed, you are on a one-way track for your dream job to become a reality. But wait. Where do you begin? 

To commence, what are some of your talents? Do you like to paint or draw, and are you adept with computers? If so, a job in animation and multimedia art might be for you. Animators and Multimedia Artists use different mediums including, using a computer and drawing digitally. They create visual effects, art, animations, and several additional elements. They meet with clients and discuss with a team after having a substantial portfolio and education. You could combine in creating movies, video games, illustrations, and much more, and practice your creativity within your visual art.

Animators and multimedia artists get to express themselves through visual art and creativity. They can create striking visual effects and animations that can impact numerous people. One of the many benefits is the storytelling aspect for Daniel Weaver, Creative Director of Fudge, says in an interview on their website, "Ever since I was young, I used to play at being a director, so I would start creating these little plays with my friends and directing them. I would produce comic strips and create stories all the time," He then said, "I suppose I also have skills from a directive, artistic and technical point of view which all marry quite well into doing animation." (Weaver, 2016) In the motion picture Tangled, by Walt Disney Animation Studios, the movie follows the protagonist Repunzel as she seeks freedom and watches the lanterns that the nearby kingdom sends into the air once a year. In the show, they use bright and lively colors in the background to express her joy. And contrast that experience to when she is in danger with dark and shady colors.  Multimedia artists can also show a story and express it through colors, shadows, and personality in their piece, even if it isn't an animation. 

Expressing a story or making a movie all on your own is time-consuming, so another benefit of this career is the team aspect. If you so choose to work for a company- but still in some cases when self-employed- you will most likely work in a team on projects. Maria Dela Puente said on a website she made: If your understanding the task and what you want to accomplish, the career can be entertaining and fun. She loves the connection with other members of her group. Because you can gain more knowledge, get a new perception of your work, and bring more together with the teamwork involved. (Puente, Unknown) She likes the experience of communicating because when working on a project, you can split it up and get much more variety into it. Like working on a school project with your peers, it is easier, faster, and the outcomes are likewise better.

What is better than one option of a job for this career path? Multiple options! Animator and multimedia artist is a great career because you can specialize in several areas. That means that various types of jobs in this field can be open to you. The website collegeatlas.org says, "Animators work in many different environments such as film and video production facilities, game development, software development companies, advertising agencies, web design and development firms, engineering design, mobile technology companies, and graphic design firms, to name just a few.”  There are also multiple open jobs for multimedia artists, such as a multimedia illustrator, 3D model artist, multimedia producer, creative director, and other relating jobs. That can help you because even if the competition for one job is unfavorable, you will have the means to discover another job. You can also intern during college.

The final perk I will write about is self-employment. Self-employment may benefit you if you want a more flexible schedule and to choose more of your projects. Even though having your own company isn't easy, animators and multimedia artists have an advantage because the internet can be a useful tool to sell art and find clients. The website U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in 2019 56% percent of Multimedia Artists and Animators were self-employed. (Unknown, 2020) Showing that this career path works very well with freelancing. An article from Artistnetwork, Staying Alive, stated several tips for self-employment. Diversify your skills, advertise your wares, donate your work, and other advice. (Roma, 2009) Summing-up the benefits of being an Animator and Multimedia Artist are excellent if you are creative, imaginative, and you like to work with a team. 

Because technology is such a big part of this job, computer skills are essential. The website U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states some of the duties of a multimedia artist and animator using such skills. Using computer programs and illustrations to create graphics and animations and designing a movie, game, or visual effects. Researching for upcoming projects to help create realistic designs. And editing animations based on feedback from directors, other animators, game designers, or clients. (Unknown,2020) You also use the computer to market art, such as selling and advertising.

Another skill that is needed is Communication, "Communication is a daily thing whether it be by telephone, e-mail, and in person. But it doesn't end there, you also write some letters and memos, but these don't come up as often. Working solo in this industry doesn't work this is why there is so much interaction with other people. You will also be expected to work as part of a team most of the time." (Puente, Unknown)   Communication happens between clients and the seller to explain and modify what is needed.  And between teammates and a group in a project. So, for the project to progress and the results flow and develop, feedback and constructive criticism are shared among co-workers.

Time-management is another duty because it takes enormous amounts of work for a finished project, and deadlines are needed. You need to be able to hand stress well and focus. Bureau of Labor Statistics says, "The workdays required by most studio and game design companies can be long, particularly when there are tight deadlines. Artists and animators need to be able to manage their time effectively when a deadline approaches.” (Unknown,2020) When working on a big project like a video game, it is crucial to meet deadlines because you have a client who needs it or awaiting viewers. It takes lots of work to effectively manage your time while communicating with your team when working with computer programs and creating the art.

Before you can get a job and gain all these benefits and duties, you need an education and a reliable portfolio. The first step is a bachelor's degree from a college in a relating field. Bureau of Labor Statistics says, "Multimedia artists and animators typically have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, computer graphics, animation, or a related field. Programs in computer graphics often include courses in computer science in addition to art courses. Bachelor’s degree programs in art include courses in painting, drawing, and sculpture. Degrees in animation often require classes in drawing, animation, and film. Many schools have specialized degrees in topics such as interactive media or game design." (Unknown, 2020)

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