Fitness and Personal Health Essay Example

Fitness and Personal Health Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

In the physical fitness chapter, I learned that engaging your physical activities as walking, running, jogging, bike riding, dancing, sweep, vacuum or raking leaves is the most important action you can take to help your physical and psychological health. When you do physical activity each day it lowers your risk of a cardiovascular disease, a stroke, lower blood pressure, and lower blood cholesterol levels. Exercising regularly reduces your cardiovascular problems because the job it does is to carry oxygen in the blood throughout your body. So that means when you engage in your physical activities, your heart beats faster and your breathing increases to give your muscles with sufficient oxygen. If you work out/exercise everyday your heart will get stronger as if it gets its own workout. The lower risk of cancer when you do physical activity is better than people who do nothing at all. In the book, it says that physically active women also have a lower chance of getting breast cancer and endometrial cancer. They really do not know how it lowers the chance of several types of cancer. When your body does physical activity, however, it does influence how your body functions, including the hormones, your rate of metabolism and to help fight off diseases and infections. 

Also, doing a lot of exercise everyday helps your bones, muscles get stronger and the amount of fluid in your joints and which helps strengthen the cartilages that cover the end of your bones. In addition to doing physical activity, it increases the strength of your bones and your ligaments and that means you are less likely to get injured or develop osteoporosis. It also improves the strength of the blood flow to and from your muscles. Some benefits of regular exercise on bone and muscle include slowing of the natural loss of bones, increase or keep your muscle mass, making it less likely to fall, you are less likely to reduce your pain caused by arthritis and others that might affect the joints and to help you do better in normal life to do daily tasks you would do regularly. Also, when you are trying to lose weight and keeping a healthy weight regular exercise is better for you. When you do more running and exercises that means your body burns more calories for energy than it normally would because your body is not used to it. Want to burn more calories? You can! All you got to do is reduce your calorie intake to what you would normally do. Your calorie deficit leads to your weight loss. Exercise and a better eating plan with fewer calories may help you control your weight better.  

Do you feel good when you wake up in the morning? Did you even really want to get out of bed? Or were you to tired. I learned from this chapter that the researchers say that teenagers do not get enough sleep each night. If you are a teenager you need at least eight and a half to nine and a half hours each night. Why do teenagers not get enough sleep? Well, they usually stay up late to get everything they need to do done. But when you got school the next day, you are going to be so tired and not want to do anything. Not only teens are sleep deprived but also parents are too. A lot of the parents just cannot get sleep at night because they are getting to an old age (as my dad says). Some people have short sleep and sleep less than others. I have no clue how because I would be so tired would not even know what to do.  

When you are sleep deprived you show so many symptoms such as not paying attention, not concentrating on what they are doing and react quickly. If you are tired and are driving that is extremely dangerous. Why? Because if you are tired you could miss a stop sign or drive right off the road and that would not be incredibly good. This is just the same as if someone is driving while intoxicated. Some people try to drink soda or coffee that has caffeine in it for them to stay awake. Honestly though researchers say that it does not work for sleep deprivation. Some symptoms of driving while sleepy may include: yawning, having trouble focusing on the road and not remembering the last few miles you had just driven. But really if you want to drive safely just go to bed early that night and get more sleep. 

Do you brush and floss your teeth daily? Do you wash your body every day? Do you take care of your body? Well, you should do all of that to keep a clean and nice smelling body. Just doing simple things like brushing your teeth, washing your face, flossing, cleaning your ears, and checking your eyes make you have a good hygiene body. Regularly brushing and flossing and using fluoride makes you stay cavity free. In this chapter I learned that taking care of yourself and all of your body makes you feel like a better person. At the age of like eight or nine you might have smelled your armpits and said I smell bad. Well yes that comes from you doing things and sweating. You ask your: should I tell my mom? Well yes because then she can also help you with what all girls go through and help you with what you may need. Not only do you need to keep your body clean but your skin is a significant role of your body.  

Your largest organ in your body is your skin. The skin is covering your entire body. You have three layers of skin, the outermost layer is called the epidermis. The middle layer of your skin is called the dermis and the innermost layer is called the hypodermis. Your outermost layer skin is made up of four layers of its own, and it is the thinnest layer of the skin. It also holds melanin which for people who have a darker skin color have more of it in their body then fairer skinned people. The middle most layer holds small tubes called hair follicles that hold the hair roots. They figure out what your hair looks like whether it's straight, curly, wavy, thin, or thick. When the hair grows, it pushes out the follicles through the skin. The skin's most inner layer has fat, blood vessels, and nerve endings. Also, it connects the skin to the bone and muscle underneath. 

In conclusion, I have learned a lot by reading all three of these lessons. Chapter six helped me know more about physical activity and what more to do with my body and losing weight. Also, it was an incredibly good and interesting topic to read more about. Physical fitness is something you need to do every day to become a stronger and healthier human being. Chapter seven was about sleep and it taught me if you are tired do not drive because it is just like driving when you are intoxicated. They say that teens need at least eight hours of sleep to nine hours a night. But it does not happen because teens stay up to be on their phone and time flies by.  Chapter eight was about Personal Hygiene and Basic Healthcare. Everyone needs to take care of their body so you don’t smell. Your skin has three layers of skin and they are called epidermis, the middle layer of your skin is called the dermis and the innermost layer is called the hypodermis. I have learned a lot of things that I did not know before. 


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