U.S. Healthcare Costs Free Essay Example

U.S. Healthcare Costs Free Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

In “https://vittana.org/17-universal-health-care-pros-and-cons” it states that in the United States, 46% of patients go to the emergency room for medical services instead of the hospital due to the high price. For some people, it was not having health care, but for others, it was for their bill at the hospital to go insane. Some people just can't afford it, so they have to go to the emergency room. The emergency room is obliged by law to serve you even if you can't pay. Most people do this because they can't afford 1,100 dollars just for a visit to the hospital. Even though they have health care to take care of it they still will have to pay for some things like a hospital visit. Now let's talk health care pricing us is the 2 highest in the world but being slightly passed by Norway by 20$. The average price for health care in the US is $495 a month or $5,940 a year. This is not so bad but most states have it more on the pricey end. In NJ the average price for health care is $543 a month or $6,521 a year. Nj has the 3rd most expensive healthcare in America. But some states are learning like New Hampshire. Their average is $335 a month or $4,024 a year. Which is still a fairly high price for services that everyone needs for their survival. Even though the price of health care went down by 2.04% nationally, states’ prices are still rising to high amounts (Nj rose 8.84% for 2021). It shows that the US has the most spending on health care for people at a staggering 3,021 billion dollars per year. Or $9,403 per capita. Moving away from the US shows how the rest of the world has some more improvement. The least expensive place in the world for health care is Pakistan with a cost of 7 billion for a country with the 5th largest population. They only spend a total of $36 per capita. But that doesn't mean much since most powerful countries are making people spend over 3,000 dollars a person on health insurance. Just with the US, Norway, China, Canada, and Brazil make over 4 trillion USD. Even though Pakistan has little to no cost for health-care, there are so many people there it will cost much more now because of the prices of health care.

Effects on the world

It shows how we have such a high demand for health care in many ways, yet all these big countries are not able to keep up with the number of workers. So that means there are so many people not being treated with the help they need. Now more than ever we need them and it takes 46% longer to hire a medical professional. There are so many health care workers trying hard in these times to hold down the fort, but there is so much they can do. But 80% of hospitals are not helping it out by only getting people with 2-5 years of training. And due to that most doctors quit because of all the stress put on them. Most people are not getting the treatment or help they need due to this horrible cycle that these facilities do. Some people might have universal health care but still might not be getting the things they need (medicine, help, etc). This shows how badly we need universal health care for people. But poor people rarely go to doctors or even get medicine. They may have many diseases that they might know of yet they can’t help themselves or their family will go hungry. Most of the time they can't even go to a doctor's office without second-guessing if they can even afford one visit. With people in poverty, money is very very important to keep them running and alive. But living without fear that if you get sick you will have to find an extra job just to pay for it. That is not how humans should live no matter what. Governments are supposed to help people thrive, not have them thinking if they can buy some cold medicine or not. The government does a lot of things but kids should not be harmed in any way shape or form. People and kids are not getting the care they need about 4million kids in the US who are uninsured. In the state of Florida, they threatened to take away health care from 100,000 parents in poverty which will not doubtingly affect their kids. And in Texas every month 4,000 kids are getting removed from their health insurance. And some states are trying to make child health care stop at the age of 18 and not 21. Many people are out in this world struggling and kids are one of them as well. Health care is very important but taking advantage of people at such a young age. The people who will be the next generation but who got betrayed, by people trying to not pay for their calls for help or needs.


In the 2020 global crisis, medical care got affected a lot. It caused 20 million people in the US to lose their job and their health insurance. And the US government has yet to put a stop to this mess. People like doctors and scientists were laid off from their jobs because of low funding when  1.7% of the US population died because of the lack of help. Many doctors were laid off at this time where we need more than ever. But we can’t have them because they are trying to make themselves be able to live.  Doctors still try non stop even with high hours, lower pay, and contact with a deadly disease. While people with this disease can’t continue life without horrible side effects later in life. It is because of the lack of people challenging this together.

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