Comparing And Contrasting My Current Use of English and Academic Language Tier I Need to Success

Comparing And Contrasting My Current Use of English and Academic Language Tier I Need to Success
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

As a Carleton University student that has a major in Mechanical engineering, the use of English is a. main part to succeed in your career. In this essay, I will compare and contrast my current use of English and what academic language tier I need to succeed in the future.

Firstly, Souid (2021) explained the main reason for his weak English level in the LUW assignment was in my career, English was barely used in my day, the primary explanation for this was that I lived in Kuwait, which uses more Arabic than English. So, of course, this is a dangerous level to be successful in an academic English university, and even in my usual life in Canada as I moved to lately. This level is not enough for me to satisfy the needs of my program that require a student that can be fully efficient in reading the required documents and to write any report or express himself in his writing and of course to understand lectures as well (Carleton University, n.d.).

Now, let us talk more about how did I manage to change my use of English and direct it to the academic lane. It was obvious in my LUR assignment that in my daily routine I had to read or watch lectures in English for at least 5 hours a day which maximized my level in academic language by making me hear more clearly without lagging and to read faster and complete my work in less time (Souid, 2021). Another main part that made my language even better is that I started to hang out with new friends that talk mainly English. I believe this eliminates the fluency problem I have been working on.

To sum up, I feel proud that my academic language use is developing, however, it isn’t the perfect use for my future needs. so, I will try my best to practice more academic skills to be successful in my career.

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