Essay On Significance Of Independence In My Life

Essay On Significance Of Independence In My Life
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

From a young age, I was coerced into being independent. I started to process the world around me and how to survive in the game we call life. My father was a drug addict and my mother was an alcoholic, that was about the only thing I knew about her. Of course, my father slipped in and out of rehab, and during those periods I'd end up at my grandparent's house. Over the years I've seen change as optimism and heartbreak. I slowly adapted to constantly moving and not really ever sitting still, which wasn't always great.

Throughout my life I've developed some great characteristics and really enjoyed doing anything I could get my hands on, rather it be something as simple as a science project or helping someone with gardening. I have worked hard in school to prove my worth to my family. It was about 3 years after my great-grandmother passed away that my father was laid to rest. My grandmother became overwhelmed with depression and wouldn't seek any type of help. She was overbearing simply because she struggled to find stability in her life. I finally made the hardest decision which was to move out and become more independent since that's all I've known over the course of my life.

I wasn’t able to really cope with anything that happened along my journey. I more or less just had to shove the problems down and keep working towards a brighter path. My life has always felt like finding a key in a thorn patch. Once you conquer one patch and move through a door, you're faced with another. I strive to keep pushing forward even when faced with something as demolishing as a death of a loved one. One quote I’ve reminded myself of constantly is, if you dwell on the past, nothing gets accomplished in the future.

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