Has Black Lives Matter Had an Impact?

In 2013 the hashtag BlackLivesMatter was going everywhere when there was an acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012. That's where the movement began and started demonstrating activism. The movement returned in 2020 when the killing of George Floyd had happened by a police officer. 26 million actively participated to protest against this injustice. But it soon took a negative outcome towards it.

The Black community has always fought for respect and common decency. But no matter what we do we are always seen as the stereotypical black person. We fight for common decency and to find common grounds but we can barely get to it. We are fighting to find a place that doesn't instill fear within us, and once we "think' we do people find a flaw within us, and then we're deemed to be useless with the tag-along of the stereotypes that they use as a way to demote us in society.

Police officers kneeling on George Floyd's neck for almost 10 excruciating minutes, which was captured for the whole world to see. Causing an uproar and then soon protesting came back into the light. Making plans for the movement but a few months later, the Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor case came into the light. I could feel the anger, the sorrow, and the grief within the community. We've decided to all come together and share our stories, let others hear our truth, and know that they're not alone. Everyone including celebrities signing petitions, sending donations, and actively protesting to show that they are by our sides. But soon, a peaceful protest became a vicious protest. Peacefully protesting until someone broke into a Target, and once that happened everyone started to loot and destroy things. That's where everything started to go down into a downward spiral. People started to see that the BLM was a problem and that it did not matter simply because of the rioters and looters.

It started to put the Black community back with the stereotypes that they were given. And soon the fighting between people on social media started to begin. The movement, in the beginning, was meant for awareness of black lives, but soon was twisted and turned when others started to feel deceived. On the well-known platform called "TikTok'', this is where the drama started to unfold. All of the black creators who were actively fighting started to see a turn in others. They felt uneasy and a bit played by others on the app. They felt as if they were nothing but another way to make the algorithm notice them. They did not see others put much forth effort into making a difference within the community. It caused most of us to have a distrust of others and not just from different races but within our own community. Some people saw different from the movement and once one person saw otherwise then everyone deemed that person to be "uneducated".


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