Illegal Immigrants Should be Granted Citizenship

Illegal Immigrants Should be Granted Citizenship
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Over the last few years, increasingly illegal immigrants have come to the U.S seeking help. Grabbing any job to help their families live out a better life and education. Before picking sides to whether illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship, listen to both sides of the argument before truly choosing the “right” one. Despite the fact that citizenship has its pros and cons, the United States should still allow illegal immigrants to have a citizenship, obviously they would have to go through a proper process in order to gain the citizenship but, the reason being that young children, especially those that are part of Dream Act, should not be punished for coming to the United States for a better life, America is already built on immigrants so what is the point of taking that away, as well as immigrants helping our economy by filling the unwanted jobs by Americans. 

One of the most important acts that the U.S has is the Dream Act and holds the rights of hundreds of thousands of kids in the United States. If the act is to be removed, they would lose their citizenship and the lives they spent building since they were just young children. This act is one of the reasons why illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship because they truly show what arduous work through challenging times really is. They have had to migrate from danger and build lives in the U.S and had to work twice as hard to get to where they are as young children. In the article, “Who Are the Dreamers?” by Margaret Orchowski, she states that most Dreamers came here at the “age of five by their parents and know only the U.S as their homeland” (Orchowski 6-7). In other words, most of the children included in the Dream Act are extremely young when they first get here and completely forget where they come from because of this. Furthermore, the Dream Act is extremely important when talking about illegal immigrants in the U.S getting citizenship because of how many lives it would affect and how young these children would be if it were to be removed. 

To remove immigrants completely takes away to what America is. The United States is built on immigrants and it is completely absurd to say that illegal immigrants should not have a way to get citizenship when most of the immigrants want freedom and a better life for their children. As stated in the article, “Should a path to U.S citizenship for illegal immigrants (part of the DREAM Act) be implemented, granted amnesty & American citizenship to illegals after various requirements are fulfilled,” it says, “the foundation of the United States is immigration” and that “millions of illegal immigrants will stay in the shadows of society without some path to citizenships” (Line 1-12). These are great reasons as to why illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty after meeting the needs of the government. Furthermore, illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship if they meet the necessary requirements and are a good citizen of their community. 

Another reason as to why immigrants should be granted citizenship is because of the impact they have on our economy whether you like it or not.

In summary, illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty and citizenship because of the benefits of the Dream Act, immigrants making up most of America, as well as the fulfillment of unwanted jobs and economic beneficiaries. Despite illegal immigrants given a citizenship having its pros and cons, you should consider that illegal immigrants must go through so much just for freedom and a better education. Yes, there are some bad bunches but, you cannot blame and punish every illegal immigrant for coming to the U.S to get a citizenship to have a better life. The pros of citizenship for immigrants outweigh the cons, and benefits on both sides of the spectrum. So, when choosing a side of whether immigrants should be granted citizenship, listen to both sides and see where you stand.

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