My Favorite Child Games Essay Example

My Favorite Child Games Essay Example
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📌Published: 01 April 2021

As a child, we played with a variety of toys throughout the years. However, there will always be some that are our favorites. Some of my favorite toys that I played with when I was a kid were riding my bike, Nintendo DS, But the things I did the most when I was a child was horseback-riding. Most kids today do different things but some do ride bikes and horses.

I started riding bikes when I was about three years old, I used to ride my bike everywhere. I would mostly go to my grandma’s house and spend the day with her. I would also ride around the neighborhood with my cousins and friends. After a few years, we moved houses and I left the bike at my grandma’s house, and I have never seen it again. At that time I was about six years old. I probably would have still ridden my bike if we hadn’t moved or taken it with us.

This Nintendo DS was very popular when I was in elementary. Although we weren’t allowed to take them to school, I would make time to play with the Nintendo DS at home, and if we were going on a car ride I would play I only had three games to play on it and were Mario Karts, Mario and Luigi, and Shreck. I remember those were the most popular games that were played on a DS. My cousins also had the same games and there was an ability to connect several Nintendo’s and play the same games at the same time it became sort of like a multiplayer game online. I played with it for a few years then stopped around the age of 12. To this day I still have it and still works perfectly fine.

The most fun I did as a kid and still do is horseback riding. That has to be one of my passions since I was a kid. My father has trained horses for half his life, he has bought me two horses and trained them himself. My brother and I used horseback rides every day after school and more in the summer, we would go for long walks around our property and sometimes even on the road. We would race to see which horse was the fastest that would always be fun, The winds would make our faces feel like they were stretching back. One time my brother and I were jumping things when our horses and I attempted to jump a squared hay bale but the horse’s leg got caught on a string and I fell, the horse head landed on my chest and broke my collar bone, but I was better after 3 months and was back to riding horses.

In Conclusion, these were some of my favorite things to play with or do when I was a kid. Some kids still play with bikes and ride them around their home including parks, but also other kids don’t know how to ride a bike. I haven’t seen a child with a Nintendo in the past years so they are not popular as they were. Kids lost interest in them because of the internet and other technology such as Ipads, iPhones, Xbox, and PlayStations. Horseback riding is still somewhat popular it’s most popular in the south and west parts and the out in the country where there isn’t a lot of cars passing by and being able to ride around the gravel roads. 

To bring back these things they need to be encouraged to do these things by their parents and school. They could start by teaching them how to ride a bike at their playtime and if they like it, they could buy a bike and be able to ride it at home. The creators of Nintendos would struggle to bring them back because Xbox and PlayStations have taken over all the videos and that’s what most kids rather play. To make horseback riding more popular there could be some kind of class at a ranch to teach them how to ride a horse if they would like and they go for a few hours after school to have fun horseback riding.

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