Research Paper On Human Anatomy. (Upper And Lower Respiratory System)

Research Paper On Human Anatomy. (Upper And Lower Respiratory System)
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At the beginning of the semester, I was extremely nervous to take Human Anatomy as I have been out of school for 2.5 years. This will be my second time taking this course and I did not do too well. After reading the goals set for the program it did make me more nervous because I didn’t know them. After the 1st exam, I did start to feel better, I released that I was starting to understand more as we went over it in class.

The very first goal we ran into was to know and be able to use anatomical terminology. At the beginning of the semester, I had to watch YouTube videos and make flashcards to just try to engrave the words into my head. An example of this would be the words superior and inferior, I used to think that they just meant better than and worse than. Now while I am at work I am able to comprehend more words in a medical way. Now when I hear the provider ordering lateral views of an x-ray I know they mean a view that is of the side of the body. The biggest indicator that I was understanding this was the feedback I got from my professor. This will help me in my future career as my next step is to begin an RN program. Anatomical positions are one of the core terminologies to know as a nurse.

Another goal I chose to talk about is understanding the structure of the upper and lower respiratory system along with associated diseases. When you speak of something core for a nurse to know they always stress the importance of airway and breathing. At first, I only knew the basics of the respiratory system like where your lungs are at and that they need to inflate and deflate in order for you to take a breath. From taking this course I now understand that the lung has multiple lobes 3 on the right side or 2 on the left instead of just being one single piece. Smoking really affects your lungs and make it harder for you to be able to take a deep breath in this affects a lot of things. Smoking starts to build up tar in your lungs, the body kind of works against itself hereby causing a smoker's cough this can lead to inflammation that leads to bronchitis which left untreated can become Emphysema. Going from my own personal experience I know that this affects your ability to get oxygen which in turn determines how active you are in life. Helping in the medical field the number one thing they teach you is breathing and homeostasis.

This leads to my next goal of the role organelles and cell membranes play in maintaining homeostasis. This was by far the scariest unit for me because this was a subject I did the worse in 5 years ago when I last took it. I think the moment everything started to click for me was when we did the cell organelle function worksheet. I was able to ID what words meant and then was able to make my own sentences. At work, we do learn a lot about homeostasis due to the amount of water retention pt have. This is mostly due to being overweight but for some people, this is secondary to heart failure. People that are overweight tend to eat more calories, unfortunately, most of that food is high in sodium. Water just so happens to follow sodium, and this is what is causing the edema in the pt. The extracellular fluid is becoming hypertonic, which means there is more solute (sodium) in the extracellular space (outside the cells). The water is attracted to the sodium, so it leaves the cell. This can also cause your kidneys to fail due to the effect of blood sugar and the amount of water they need to push….


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