Swimming : A Great Part Of My Life

I would say the most interesting thing about someone is something they could talk lots about and have items to show for it, and for me it would be my swimming.  I think what makes swimming the part of that's interesting is because the sport is interesting by itself it is different from other sports for starters you are not competing against another team, well you are but that’s not the important part what’s important is you racing yourself or your past time it’s about self improvement and not team improvement but at times it can be a team sport. Now that we have established how swimming is interesting by itself what makes it interesting about me? I love swimming, I have been swimming for a long time. I can remember swimming at a place near where I lived when I was 3 years old. I took lessons for about 9 years till I did a lap swimming class for 1 and joined a team in 2019. At first I was scared to join a swimming team. I only knew one person on the team but she broke her wrist and wasn’t going to be on the team that summer and I was also nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other people on the team. When I started on the team I was good I got put in the white group which is like the middle not a beginner and not advanced intermediate you could say, after swimming for a few weeks working on my breaststroke specifically I got put in the gold group I was really excited that I was advanced and most of the kids in that group were older than me.  When the summer swim season was over I did fall swimming for a different team, that team was more competitive so I started out on the bronze level then after a couple weeks I got moved up to the silver level group, and I worked a lot harder on this team and I thought it was more fun. There was less swim meets and more practice which meant I had time to improve my skills instead of worrying about swimming fast at meets. In the end swimming is a sport that can be interesting in itself, but it is the interesting part about me.


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