The Importance of Technology in Ocean Exploration

The Importance of Technology in Ocean Exploration
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What do you think exploring the oceans would be like without technology? It would be far fromo perfect! Technology has helped explorers around the world overcome hazards such as extreme darkness, freezing cold temperatures, crushing water pressures and more. Since inventing the Aqualung in the 1940s, explorers have been able to overcome challenges relating to Earth’s final frontier. This is because of how technology has protected explorers and how it has helped us explore more and more. 

To begin with, the first reason technology helps deep-sea explorers overcome challenges is how technology protects. According to source 2, it states that in 1979, ocean scientist Sylvia Earle tested an invention called the “Jim Suit,” which was able to venture 1,250 feet below the surface for 2 ½ hours breaking records. The Jim Suit was far more advanced than the Aqualung invented in the 1940s. The Jim Suit protected wearers from deadly water pressure and provided built-in oxygen. Before it, was the Aqualung. It was a metal oxygen tank attached to a breathing tube that controlled the the flow of oxygen. Scince then, scientists have been improving upon these things and making them safer. 

Additionally, another way deep-sea explorers overcome challenges, is how technology can help explore more. According to Source 1, less than 5 percent of Earth’s waters have been explored. And many sea creatures are still yet to be found. But with the help of technology, all this can change.  According to source 3, filmmaker James Cameron was able to create submersibles in new way with his skill and creative thinking. According to source 2, this invention was the Deepsea Challenger. This submarine could explore the Mariana Trench, the deepest place on Earth. The technology was very advanced. With it being faster and having 3-D cameras, lights, and a scooper arm, this invention could transform ocean exploration. This invention was definitely more easier to use and more convenient due to the technology used for it. 

To sum it up, ways deep-sea explorers overcame challenges with technology was by the way technology can protect and how it has allowed us to explore more. Technology has helped us in many ways with deep-sea exploration. So the next time you think about exploring the deep seas, think about how technology would help!

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