The Importance Of Youth Work Essay Example

The Importance Of Youth Work Essay Example
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

“The effort involved and the struggles, once overcome, become the scar tissues of future character” (Sasse 13). What the author said made me agree that young people should engage in recreational work. This sentence exemplifies what could come out of teens working jobs and how it may affect them to learn from the past to build off of for the present and future. When teens are put to work, they gain self respect and satisfaction for being rewarded for the work they do. A statement to support this claim said to the author by her father was “ Whatever the work is, do it well not for the boss but for yourself “( Morrison 3). Young people learn to work hard to gain self-esteem, not to suffer from it, and to learn to appreciate work to promote future development. When teens work the energy put into the job teaches them to work through obstacles and create a better work ethic, carrying into school, athletics and clubs. Later, progressing in maturity along with being able to get away from a space that makes them feel less than. This is expressed when said “ Pizza Hut became not only my escape from home but also, in many ways an alternate home … For one of the first times in my life, I felt empowered” (Adkison 8). Being said from a teenage worker, this shows that at times certain teens need to get away from school and family that may bring them down. Feeling accomplished at work after seemingly being torn down at either home or school, will push the teenagers forward to feel empowered to push for self satisfaction and respect from those at home and school.

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