Roadmap to Success Reflection Essay Example

I want to enroll into  college in order to make connections with others that can help with my finance career later on .As well as helping with  my educational  goal of  furthering   my  finance and psychology education  .I want to learn how money work in  today's  society  and how that affects  humans behaviors and relationship with their  money because I think its useful to know on how our society works.Since money is a big factor on how the world function as a whole. I assume  college will  involve   more independent work . Since professors have  more than a hundred students. They aren't able to tend to each  student's needs.So It's going to be a bit difficult with learning concepts compared to highschool. As  it's up to you to learn the content and get the  help if needed.With this in mind, I will use   the two habits of minds   persistence and managing impulsivity to help overcome my  obstacles of balancing social life with school and  passing my classes  .In addition with these habits , I will take advantage of  msjc resources like the Learning Resource Center: Tutoring and counseling to help me achieve my academic goal and with this class.

My  future academic goal is to major in finance and minor in psychology in order to get my masters in finance and a  degree in psychology .I want to work toward this goal because of my well being of wanting a useful degree that has a  variety of job opportunities and help me learn about how money influences today's society  . As I know there are many  who get useless degree in which they don't even use later on and go into an entirely different field.Which took up  their  time and money in vain  .I want a degree that will help me know how society work and will allow me to how to be financially stable.Along with a finance degree, a psych degree will be beneficial to my finance career .As it will show me how people will  act   with their money and  see what financial decision they'll make .There’s  a good amount jobs for  finance degrees and some that  earn a good amount  of money  like a financial personal advisor. It's a job that  earn around “89,330$ of may in 2020”(personal) .If I was in this occupation   I could help people with their finances and put the use  of my psychology skills in order to understand and get along with my clients.This way I can not only help others but also make genuine connections with people as well.Which I believe is important  asset to have in  the workforce especially if your handling someone's finances . 

The two obstacles that I might face when working towards my goal is balancing my social life with  my academics and struggling to pass my classes  .Social life is a  major part of my life that I want to include as much as possible.I love hanging out with my friends and living in the moment.But at the same time I know that I have other responsibilities like school which I know that need to be taken care first .Social life can be a problem for my goal because  it can possibly  distract me away from completing  my classwork , risking my chances of passing my classes .  Therefore, it will set me back in getting my degrees and I would need to work even harder before in order  to catch up with the rest of  the class.As a student who want to major in finance and minor in psychology.I know there will be many classes that I would need to take.In order  to meet the requirements to earn my desired degrees.Theres a chance where I will struggle with the different  types of math that I would need to take for my major.Which I worry that I will not be able to understand the topic entirely.As I feel the college math is more complex and difficult  compared to highschool math.Besides the math classes,I know there will be any reports I would have to write, around more than 5  pages.Which makes me have a headache thinking about it.As I personally think that I’m not a great writer. So writing around 5  pages or more is going to be difficult for me to manage.Which  could also affect my ability to pass my classes that can setback my chances of earning my degrees. I believe goals are good to have despite the different obstacles that we have to overcome. “goals help us define where we want to go in life. Without goals, we have no sure destination” (overcoming ).This  quotes relates towards my goal because I set the goal of wanting to earn a degree in finance and psychology  to help shape my future later on .Without these goals, I’ll be wasting my time on things that aren't important and live an unfulfilled life.

The two habits that I will use  this semester is persistence and managing impulsivity.These will help me overcome my obstacles by different methods.Persistence will help me with my grades.It will  allow me to push through the assignments that I would need to finish on time .Like  a 10 page report or a difficult math assignment.Also I can ask persistently look or  ask  others for help about it .So it  can help improve my understanding which can  help me pass my  classes. Managing impulsivity can help me balance my social life and academics  by making me aware of myself and my responsibilities  in order to make rational decision  .Like instead of willingly go to a party after  class.I should be aware that there will be a test the next day.So I would have to study rather than go and have fun.Persistence and managing impulsivity is a good way for me to manage my obstacles .As long as I'm consistent with using them constantly.

Along with these two habits ,the two campus resources that I can  use to manage my obstacles are Counseling and the  Learning Resource Center; tutoring . Tutoring can help me  with my classes  by helping me with my  assignments that I struggle with and help with  questions that I have about the material.  This resource can improve my understanding and my grade in my classes  . Counseling can help me by giving me a place   to vent my problems about how to  handle my school and social life . This way they  can let me express my feelings freely  and in return I'll be  given  advice on how to manage my life .This is beneficial  for me as it helps with coping  with my stress levels  and feeling overwhelmed that could affect my performance to learn in class and awareness  .Now that I'm more aware of how to take care of my responsibilities and know how to handle them . These resources are a great way  for students,  like me, who sometimes struggle with their  personal  and academic life.

My academic goal of majoring in finance and minoring and psychology will be a  challenging for me to achieve .But what keeps me going is inspiration from people and seeing how happy and content  they are after having to work  so hard to accomplish their goal. just living through their accomplishment  gives me motivation to also reach  my goal.I want to reach my goal but I'm in no rush to reach it .I want to live in the moment and eventually get there .I rather live for the experience rather  than rushing in completing it  and haven't grown much  as a person .As I want to fight for my goal and learn from my mistakes because I believe  it more  self rewarding   this way rather than it given it to you easily .With the help of using two different mind habits, persistence and  managing my impulsivity.I can overcome the obstacles that keeps me from achieving my goal and help me with passing my class .It can help improve my mindset  by making the right decisions by finishing things on time  . As well as managing my implicity to help with my decision making of my responsibilities .The  msjc resources  like tutoring and counseling can help me through any issues with my academics and personal life.With using tutoring and counseling they both can help me in multiple way in which it can push me to do better at school  and in this class.


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