The Worst Jobs Of The Middle Ages Research Paper

The Worst Jobs Of The Middle Ages Research Paper
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The worst jobs of the middle ages take place in England. The middle ages are the time where they benefited from the war trade but died from the black death. The jobs some people had to work very demanding and odd jobs.

To be a night you have to start off being an army ssquiar and work under the night. The night had the squiar had to take off the nights armor and clean it with sand and vinegar. There 24 pieces of armor weighing 25kg. The squiar had to go with the night into battle behind them. When going into battle food and water was scarce. 

Archer fingers sliced off no doctors no stretchers killed people who where injerered

The blacked death killed weap through the county killing so many. Medical theorys where worked but missgiuded leaches where used to teat ilnesses but the needed some one to collect the leaches. The hired leach gathers where professionals or dealers and it was a very messy job. You giggle in the water and the leach think you are cows and attach onto you.

The barber surgeon the look at the eiran sample by looking at the eiran.the hummus blood flime and yellow and black biols you determan helth by look smell teast. The keep and amputation set to cut off peoples lems. The didnt have antaseptics to help stop the pain of amputation.

Wise woman is a mide wife and nurse all at the same time. To cure warts you turn to an else and you rube the cut of head on the ell then bary it and once it rots you wart will go away. To stop a swar through you tie warms around your throught and once the warms die your sore through will be gone. The trated their remitys for food or fixing things around the house.

Building a cathedral can be a way to get into heaven . a master masson uses stone to build cathedrals and houses. The stones are very hard to transport and very expensive to transport, The drilled a hole in the rock with a meddle rod and hammered it into the rock to crack it open to make it easy to travel with . it helps save them money to move the rocks . it can be dangerous when working on the scafulting.

The crane works by the wheel spinning and lifting the stones . the wheel was very hard work and took a lot of effort. The people where doing the job where usually bind so the wouldint have to see the view and get scared. The wheel can start falling apart while you are in their running in it. The wheel can be wet and slippery and make it really hard on the people.

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