What Is The Good Life Philosophy Essay Sample

What Is The Good Life Philosophy Essay Sample
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Humans have intrinsic ambition and energy while discovering what they consider a ‘good life’. The “good life” is an expression that is utilized to depict ideal life for one to live.  According to Aristotle, the good life ought to be free of greed, full of integrity, satisfaction, companionship and perfection in whatever you may do. Personally, I agree with Aristotle. It is visible that many individuals are blindsided by the ‘American dream’. I believe this visualization of a good life that America has is entirely false. As humans, we are stuck on the illusion of materialism instead of virtue.  

In my eyes, the most important quality is happiness and mental wealth. Throughout life, I’ve come to the realization that individuals value temporary possessions instead of long term. Many humans require items such as, brand name clothes, fast cars, and fancy houses in order to feel “successful”. In order to attain complacency, many seek material objects or experiences for satisfaction; yet for myself, happiness and fulfillment is the overall goal. Without satisfaction within yourself satisfaction will not be reached; you are with yourself everyday experiencing your unique view of life, wouldn’t you want to enjoy it? Aristotle includes people who have lived the "good life" by my definition, which is one with a healthy lifestyle, achieved goals and aspirations that are beneficial to a person and their loved ones, an education, and finally, stability through relationships, employment and health.

Throughout my experiences, my family has raised me to be materialistic; yet now that I’m older and wiser, the realization is idealistic. The "good life" is simply achievement through prosperity, ambitions and dreams accomplished, and a positive lifestyle. With contentment comes stability. In unity, peace is achieved. Rationalization revolves around sustainability. 

Though coming to this realization gives me peace and serenity; many people either cannot experience my vision of a ‘good life’ or simply will not experience it. Each and every individual all have a unique path and way of thinking; several people may harmonize their parents' way of thinking instead of their own, or do not have the resources to live the life; such as knowledge and wisdom. Conforming to parents beliefs and thought processes can be a struggle for many individuals, even myself. My past self believed that if she thought differently than her parents, then she would be disobeying them. Nowadays, I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to think differently than how you were raised; it’s not rebellious or disrespectful, to be different you have to think differently. 

Socially speaking, individuals may never understand my vision of a ‘good life’ due to the fact they conform to society and it’s way of thinking. If society was taught to believe idealistically instead of materialistically, as a whole we would be more compassionate and successful within ourselves and each other. Together we could understand our purpose, on the path to happiness and fulfillment. Everyone has to go through the complete lot of trial and error to live the "good life".


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