My Mother Essay Example

You may be familiar with the saying, “friends come and go, but family stays forever.” Today, I will be speaking about someone who I wholly admire and adore so much, and that one incredible person is my mother. The three most valuable attributes about my mother that I cherish so much are her unconditional love, selflessness, and her amazing cooking. 

I remember one day where I had a terrible fever for several days and through it all, my mother was always there, just holding me together with a hug, a laugh, and a smile. The following day, I was feeling ill again and I got ready for bed early. My mom, who had just finished a night shift working as a cashier, came into my room to say “goodnight.” “How are you feeling?” she asked me. “It could be better,” I answered, curling up slowly in my blankets. I was tired, sick, and ready for sleep. Suddenly, she leaned down and hugged me tightly. “I’m so sorry.” “For what?” I mumbled. “That you’re not feeling well. I just feel horrible that you have to go through all this.” “I’m used to it so I don’t care anymore.” “Well, I do.” It was at that moment, I realized that someone genuinely cared about the pain and stress I was in. Someone wanted to help me and sympathized with what I was going through. Even after a long day at work, she was ready to give me her all. Even though she was exhausted and unappreciated (I was moody), she continued to love me. That feeling is just indescribable. My mom’s love for me is like being wrapped in a blanket. I feel safe, warm, peaceful, and most of all, I feel like everything will be okay. There’s no feeling, no emotion in the world more beautiful than my mother’s unconditional love and care for me. Despite her busy schedule, she devotes her time and love to ensure that she would be there for me through the tough times. Of all the gifts that life has to offer, unconditional love from my mother is the greatest of them all. 

Next, I will discuss my mother’s trait of selflessness. My mother always puts others’ needs before her own, especially for me. She brought me into this world where I could seek many opportunities that will allow me to expand my horizons to experience new things, even when my mother couldn’t afford to do so because of her financial circumstances. My mother did not sacrifice moving to America, despite the hardships of being pregnant with me. She endured lots of motion sickness, but once she reached the country of freedom, America, she knew that she wanted me to have a bright and educated future. From then on, I was born. While she had me, she worked tirelessly for measly wages, barely scraping by. There would be times where my mother had to sacrifice her food to get me to eat because she refused to see me starve. We lived in an apartment, rent was difficult to pay off. My mother had to buy old dirty furniture to have a place to rest once I got home from school. She gave up life in her home country, she missed out on being next to her aunts and uncles when they passed away, giving me a life to live in turn. My mother sacrificed her food, time, and happiness for me and seldom complained about the bad times she experienced. She gave up who she was, who she could have become for us to have a better chance at life. She set me up for a nicer life altogether, I am eternally grateful.

Lastly, her cooking will always have an everlasting effect on my childhood memories.

I am thankful I took the time to learn how to make my mom’s famous fried rice recipe that I make for my family. I worked side by side with her, I watched her carefully cut celery, carrots, onions. She showed me just the right amount of eggs that should be added to the rice. I also made sure to watch the special way she mixed it all, with the right utensils for mixing in the biggest bowl we could find. I will forever cherish that I learned how to make her fried rice, as I carry it on with my family and possibly to my future children. To this day, meals taste better when prepared by my mother, even if it’s just scrambled eggs. Her touch, made with passion, is nostalgic and delicious.

Therefore, I value my mother the most because of her unconditional love, selflessness, and her amazing cooking. She could create an opportunity that never really existed in the first place, I think all of us are capable of so much in life. I am lucky my mom is such a strong woman just like any other mother figure you may all have! Thank you.


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