Essay About My Experience Self-isolation on Coronavirus Period

Essay About My Experience Self-isolation on Coronavirus Period
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📌Published: 06 April 2021

Life is going good at this point. I'm living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, playing basketball with my friends every chance I get. Which is multiple times a day during school and at the park after school. And to top it all off the second half of the school year is flying by and summer vacation is on the horizon, only a  few months of school left and it was break. Wow how little did i know about how the next year of my life was gonna look like.

For some backstory my birthday is March 3rd and right around two weeks later ohio started having their first confirmed cases of covid-19 and days later schools shut down. I was terrified and so was my grandmother, who I was living with at the time. Mike Dewine put the state into lockdown along with many other states doing the same thing we were watching every news program get worse and worse seeing cases of covid-19 double and triple every day. 

We as a family decided not to go out for obvious reasons but we also decided to disinfect everything that came into the house thoroughly. I was on disinfecting duty so all the disinfection of every item that came into the house was my job. I would make an order through Walmart and wear arm length surgical gloves and disinfect each item one by one with Lysol wipes and sprays (which I did very thoroughly) so thoroughly in fact that it would take hours to disinfect a single order. With all the things I had to touch and disinfect I was washing my hands 10+ times a day every day with antibacterial soap. This was a difficult schedule since there were 3 people and 6 animals in the house. We had to get an order every day, sometimes multiple so that meant that every single day I was at the table disinfecting for hours and washing my hands 10+ times and doing all my school work. It was very mentally challenging for me and on multiple occasions I broke down because i couldn't handle it anymore and quickly after a few weeks of this schedule my body began to break down as well with my hands feeling as rough as leather and cracking open all over until they were bloody. This went on for around 2 months. Before something happened that changed everything.

My Grandfather was having trouble breathing and having severe pain in his stomach and lower rib cage. We weighed the risks of taking him into the hospital due to the possibility of him getting covid-19. As his condition worsened we decided that he had to go into the hospital but i wasn't comfortable with being around him when he came back, at least not for 2 weeks so i knew whether or not he had caught covid-19 at the hospital. So I set up one of the back rooms with everything I needed for two weeks of living back there. Since i wasn't interacting with anyone else in the house and i didn't want them touching my food in case they had covid-19 my only option for eating was TV dinners which were still a hassle to do without touching anything in the rest of the house. I was so emotionally distraught that I could only physically and mentally do one of them every day. And as far as the situation with liquids went I would only drink water that came straight out of the bottle that only I touched to pull it out of the package. And plus i didn't use any of the waters that were near the handle (due to the fact that someone could have touched them. This again made getting drinks very difficult. So due to the difficulty of both of those actions i was only eating 1 tv dinner a day and drinking only around 2-3 bottles of water a week. This period ended up lasting for 2 months because my grandfather had to keep going to the hospital over and over again due to health problems.

Upon hearing that this was how i was living for the past 2 months (isolating myself in a room with one meal and one water a day) she told me that i had no choice and that i was coming to her house. On july 15th I moved to my Mothers house and stopped isolating myself.

In the past months I have stopped disinfecting everything that is entering the house, i still don't go anywhere since the pandemic is worse than it has ever been, but i'm working on taking down some of my unnecessary precautions and trying to better my mental and physical state. Along with adapting my routines to try and live healthier in general. I chose to write about this period of my life because it is by far the biggest thing that has happened in my lifetime. It is not a cry for pity or in any way devaluing any of the struggles that any one else went through during this tough time because I know I did not have it the worst but I wanted to talk about how it affected me. But as far as a “happy ending” goes I don't really have one unfortunately we are all still in the thick of this, and that's the thing we have to remember that we are in this together and through hard work and listening to what experts say we can make it through this together.


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