Reflection Paper On Fear Of Failure

Reflection Paper On Fear Of Failure
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

All it takes is five tries. Five tries is the average number of times it takes an average person to get something right. Taking the initiative makes that goal closer and viewed as more achievable. It is important to take action because learning from past mistakes and failures is possible, and results can be nearly impossible to predict. 

Learning from past mistakes and failures is one of the quickest ways to improve your chances of success. Once action is taken, there will be some form of outcome.  For example, when the Space Race was happening, scientists were continually developing new technologies and testing them. When a specific design did not work they tried to figure out the cause so they would not repeat that same mistake. Each outcome offers an opportunity to learn, from both what went right and wrong. Having this information allows making better and more calculated decisions, which can bring people closer to their goal. 

Having a fear of failure truly can inhibit someone from getting what they want in life. Not knowing if what was created will work or not can be tortuous. Although if you never try to take action you do not know what the outcome of the situation will be. In my Colorguard class, the coaches always tell us that we will never know how to make ourselves better if we do not try in the first place. Taking action can firstly help reduce the fear of what could happen. Secondly, if action is taken you can analyze the situation, and make changes to make it more successful. 

In conclusion, by taking action you can learn from past mistakes and reduce the fear of failure. Instead of waiting and delaying the inevitable, working and taking action will help reach that goal.

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