Teenage Brain Development Research Paper

Teenage Brain Development Research Paper
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

Central idea: The human brain keeps growing throughout teenage years, and this growth impacts behavior. 

Supporting details: 

The loss of synapses as a child can mature as a part of the process by which the brain can become more efficient. The gray matter in the brain can reach a high point during adolescence, the brain is fully developed mid-twenties “an adult brain”. 

An interpretation of all of these findings is that the teenage parts of the brain are involved, emotional responses are active, more than adults. These parts of the teenage brain keep emotional, impulsive answers and are still being developed. 

Researching the brain can really help adults understand the importance of creating a surrounding where teenagers can experiment, while also avoiding bad behavior that can tear themselves mentally. 


The article’s main point is that the brain is growing and becoming more active in the teenage years, this changes the impact on behavior.  Scientists have been doing studies by brain scanning , and have found out that the outer layer is still growing and changing during adolescence. The results in scanning shows that the brain doesn't stop growing until mid twenties. Teenage brains havent fully developed in the area that involve feeling emotions. Finally, an article  saying more research should be done on teenage brains. This research would be really helpful in understanding why teens do and act the way they do.

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