The Day When Covid-19 Pandemic Started In USA

The Day When Covid-19 Pandemic Started In USA
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On March 11th, 2020 when the pandemic known as COVID-19 started to appear in the United States. Most people weren’t afraid of it because they thought it was just like the flu. Schools were shut down because they didn’t want to spread the virus to the people who go to schools. Life was very peaceful when COVID-19 never existed. People got to go inside of restaurants and get to eat inside. But after COVID-19 people had to wear masks. And were unavailable to go inside restaurants.

Later that day the kids in schools had to leave early. Schools were canceled for over 2 weeks. The kids were happy but they didn't know what was really happening outside of the United States. For example, The people in China were quarantined because that was the place where COVID-19 started.

On Wednesday at 4:25 PM all the schools called home saying that they are not trying to ensure the safety of our students. So they decided to cancel school for 2 weeks. All the kids said, “Let's go extra 2 weeks of Spring Break”. The kids didn’t know how many people were gonna get infected with the disease. 

The next day, Veer woke up thinking he had to go to school. But then he thought back to himself that schools were canceled for 2 weeks. He jumped out of bed screaming “LET'S GO NO SCHOOL FOR 2 WEEKS!”. He rushed downstairs to brush his teeth and go eat breakfast. Then veer rushed back upstairs waking up his brother saying that “I don't have school for 2 weeks”. Veer’s brother says “That's cool” with a tiring voice. 

Veer goes back downstairs, goes to turn on the tv and puts on the news. Lady says “The new pandemic known as COVID-19 is very contagious and can be dangerous, We recommend you to wear a face mask and stay 6 feet apart with other people”. Veer says “WHAT!” I didn't know it was that dangerous. Finally, Veer is sad that he couldn’t be near his friends or even come in contact with them.

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