How has Covid-19 affected your life?

How has Covid-19 affected your life?
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📌Published: 29 March 2021

In the past year, about a thousand people have been affected by this virus known as Covid-19. It changed people's lives emotionally, mentally, and physically.  For me personally, it opened my eyes to how serious this virus can be. Intentionally, I'm going to be writing about my experience and how I dealt with Covid-19.

The media has shown the emotional impact Covid-19 has had on thousands of people. It's taken many lives due to how widely the virus has spread. The protocols the state, government, and people made to protect people also emotionally took away people's happiness.  For me, it made me feel emotionless and tired. I was home every day and all day. My friends and I never hung out anymore and soon my depression worsened. When I soon learned how to make this new development my reality. I would later find out I would actually be living the reality.  I never knew how it felt to have Covid-19 until I found out I was positive. 

"Am I positive or negative?" I was mentally telling myself  "I don't have Covid-19". I was denying I was sick. I didn't want to be known as another person who had the virus. Again the media had that effect on me. "Are people going to think I don't wear my mask?" or "Is this going to affect my life physically?" I didn't know how to cope with the fact that I tested positive for Covid-19. I had to keep telling myself "Lana you tried to protect yourself by taking the right precautions". I did wear my mask, I did social distance, and I stayed home. Eventually, I had to take every day a step at a time. I had to fight Covid-19 physically. 

"I can't breathe!" I now understand the physical exhaustion. I took each day to recover and to get better. When I felt like I was feeling better, I only just felt worse. I had different symptoms from Covid-19 each day. It was physically draining because I was trying to get better. I also was trying to pass my first semester of Junior year. When I balanced Covid-19 and school it made me feel sicker than I was. It took everything in me to be active but some days I couldn't catch my breath. After fourteen days of having Covid-19, I was physically exhausted because of all the different symptoms I went through. Now, I feel like myself again but only more aware of how serious Covid-19 is and can be.

To sum up everything, I can say personally that Covid-19 can change people's life emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is how Covid-19 affected me in 2021. And not everyone has experienced Covid-19 but that doesn't mean they're not being affected. Many people are still living through it and now people are waiting to take their masks off. 

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