The Benefits Of Equine Therapy

The Benefits Of Equine Therapy
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📌Published: 07 April 2021

¨Horses reflect our emotions, while at the same time they seem to know how to give us exactly what we need to soothe pain!” - Barbra Shulte. I believe that horses do know how to heal. Everyday I look forward to seeing my horses because she gives me a sense of comfort letting me know that she will always be there for me. People should research equine therapy. It can truly help you, not just being able to bond with an animal. They can help you build your confidence, they help you be more with your physical skills as well, along with being able to help you through many different types of rehab. 

One reason why, horses have such a wonderful gift is because in an article by PetPlan called “How do Horses Heal?” It talks about how horses could build your confidence. It states “Whether you are afraid of horses or not, being in charge of a horse that weighs close to 1000 lbs feels as though you can achieve anything. It allows you to be able to face a number of fears, no matter how trivial they may be, and gives you the confidence you will need to overcome these obstacles in life. As you grow in confidence, your self - esteem level will be naturally enhanced giving you a greater sense of achievement in everything you do.”

Another reason why horses are such magnificent creatures is because in the same article by Pet plan called “How do Horses Heal?”. It talks about how it helps improve people's physical skills. It says in the paragraph under Physical skills  “Working with horses requires some level of physical skill , however with the help of others this physical involvement can slowly progress over time as you become more confident. Riding a horse uses all areas of the body as well as requiring body awareness, balance, and coordination. This will allow you to train your body physically as well as mentaly due to having to stay alert at all times - the horse is a flight animal and can instinctively react without you knowing.”

Lastly, horses are so fascinating because they can help you rehabilitate in so many different ways for helping with trust issues and developing social skills. In the article “How do Horses Heal?” It talks about how horses can help humans rehabilitate themselves such as just being able to do everyday tasks. “Equine assisted therapy is becoming increasingly popular for patients suffering a range of conditions – from physical therapy to speech and mental health issues. These rehab sessions can consist of things as little as patting the horse or stroking them as this can decrease stress levels, create a calm environment, and reduce anxiety. In relation to physical rehabilitation, the rhythmic movement of horses assists heavily with motor and sensory problems. Along with the number of ways horses are beneficial to the mental and physical wellbeing of humans, they also create a fun sense of community where people can come and connect to nature. Horses can help people with their everyday life skills as well as helping those in need of rehabilitation.”

In conclusion, knowing that horses are able to help in more ways than one like building your confidence so that you face more of your fears, build up your physical skills so you can do mare things that you want and enjoy doing, lastly helping rehabilitate yourself. As stated earlier it shows that horses have proven that there are great effects from equine assisted therapy. Equine therapy is perfect for people who are looking to build a bigger bond along with building your self-esteem and confidence. In addition, studies have shown that equine therapy has increased people's physical capabilities like building more muscle tone, strengthening and control, increasing range of motion, endurance, and you can even gain some balance from equine therapy. The bigger the bond the easier it will be for people to earn these things. Finally equine therapy has many ways of helping you in rehab. Equine Therapy can help relieve stress and help with many mental issues. Equine therapy has help people move on from major things in their life like some people learn how to walk again. Clare Balding said “If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm and confident, it will come forward. For those who are often falttered or feared, the horse can be welcome mirror of the best in human nature.”

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