How self-discipline leads to success

Self-discipline changes your life, and it is necessary for your success. Self-discipline means the ability to control yourself with some rules you set. In successful people’ interviews, they often say the recipes for their success were self-discipline. However, those who are still young or have never thought self-discipline might not understand what their points are, neither did I. Now, I clearly understand how big impacts self-discipline has on ourselves and our future success. I would like to explain them with some actual experiences which I had.

Firstly, you can develop your tolerance towards doing something tough. Doing something difficult makes you reluctant to do that. If you don’t have self-discipline, you cannot continue it. I would like to introduce my own experience that self-discipline made me keep a difficult habit. Since 2019, I have worked out at the gym at least three times a week to lose or keep my weight. When I started doing the habit, it was extremely tough to run only 3 kilometers. Sometimes I almost gave up. However, thanks to self-discipline, I managed to continue. Surprisingly, it became easier to run over 3 kilometers a few months after I began the practice. I realized that if I continue, even doing something difficult would get easier. If you don’t give up, you will be able to in the future. It is necessary for your success, because unless you try something new or difficult, you cannot improve yourself. Doing only the same thing or something you did is not worth as much as trying something new. Self-discipline helps you not to give up.

Secondly, you can obtain skills or knowledge. I used to dislike reading newspapers. It was tough to sit down on a chair and read articles, because lots of interesting things around me such as playing games, watching YouTube, or chanting with friends on your phone, tempted me. However, Self-discipline changed my attitude and helped me to read newspapers without temptation. The knowledge I got through reading the newspaper was beneficial in job hunting. I was asked to do an activity called group-discussion in the process of job hunting. The discussion topic was “come up with the idea or strategy to improve the sales for the convenience store industry”. While discussing, I referred to the article I have read, “How Walmart Inc. Survives against Amazon?”. In the article, some experts analyzed Walmart's strategy in detail. Quotations from the article made my idea more persuasive. As a result, my group got a good evaluation in terms of content. Additionally, I was assessed as the best student in the group by listeners and I managed to pass the process thanks to the knowledge. Without self-discipline, I might have had no chance to pass that.

Lastly, you can be an influencer with self-discipline. Let’s imagine two types of people, those who often try new things or do something seriously with self-discipline, and those who are lazy or tend to give up doing something difficult soon. It is obvious that most people rely on a new group of people. If you are a well organized person with self-discipline, some people must follow you, which will be helpful to make what you would like to do come true. For example, if you want to start your own business, you will need a large amount of money. It is difficult for you to save such money by yourself. However, if you are trusted, some people must help you. You can accomplish your aspirations with an extra pair of hands.

As mentioned above, you can get many merits from self-discipline. All of them are necessary for your success. If you are a genius, you can do everything you would like to do, but it is impossible for almost all people. Keep doing is the most important, and self-discipline helps you keep doing. It must change your life drastically. If you have self-discipline, you will be a successful person.


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