Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Students Essay Example

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  • Published: 04 September 2021
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Nowadays, educational institutions such as universities and colleges play a prominent role in every society. Meanwhile, the allocation of budgets to different parts of these institutions has always been a moot point among students who are more affected by this budget distribution. While some believe that extra curriculum activities such as sports and social activities should not receive equal attention and budget as educational facilities such as classes and libraries, I hold the opposite view because of two main reasons, which will be elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, participating in sports and social activities provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to feel relaxed and relieved. No matter what major one studies in a university, one thing is for sure: there is an intolerable pressure stemmed from intense projects and assignments given to students. However, thanks to the activities and hobbies offered as extra curriculum activities, students can readily find at least a few interests and pursuits to follow and therefore relieve their stress and boredom of demanding studying over the course of climbing the ladder of academic success. Hence allotting sports and communal activities budgets equal to educational facilities allow them to equip universities with wider diversions to choose from; clearly, the more budgets these activities get, the broader choice and the better quality is offered. For example, when I was a freshman at the university, a substantial number of projects assigned by our professors, exerting considerable pressure on us. Engaging in practicing in the well-equipped gym at the university, I realized that it helped me feel at ease and did my assignments much more efficiently. If not for budgets and attention given to extra curriculum activities to provide such great facilities, I would not have felt comfortable studying there.

To add, sports and social activities will bring universities fame and prestige. Gone are the days when universities assessed by just the quality of educational performance; today, educational institutions also actively engage in different activities such as sports competitions to overtake their rivals. In this regard, students compete in these activities. If they succeed, not only will the names of their universities be the first thing that catches others’ attention and grab the headlines but also universities gain prestige for their achievements. Needless to say, the budget that sports and social activities receive is the most important contributory factor in preparing students for the realization of the main aim of universities to stand out among their counterparts. My own experience as a student is a compelling example of this. During my sophomore year, our universities sent a volleyball team to a national tournament. Having been trained by a well-known coach, we finally won the first prize, engendering respect and reputation for our university. On the whole, this example justifies the fact that extra curriculum activities deserve equal consideration as educational purposes.

To conclude, it is not hard to see that assigning equal value and budget to sports and social activities as classes and libraries is a positive step toward improving universities. This is because these activities are Instrumental in not only helping students to feel relieved but also making universities famous and prestigious.


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