My Attitude Towards Valentine's Day

My Attitude Towards Valentine's Day
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📌Published: 31 March 2021

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap and a negative reputation. This special day is supposed  to be spent expressing love and compassion towards those in one's life, but many view the holiday as an unnecessary and money draining expense. As a young adult, Valentine's 

Day is a time of celebration, fun, and most importantly relationships. I enjoy celebrating my friends, family, and others and what they mean to me. This day gives me a special opportunity to show my friends, family, and others how much they mean to me with small gifts or hand-made cards. Specifically within my family, we express our love to one another through quality time over expensive gifts, like our annual Valentine's Day movie. I have really fond memories from this night and always look forward to spending time with my family. Having a day set aside for love and celebrating others isn't a bad thing. Shouldn't everyone experience some kind of love or affection? Additionally, many businesses profit from the products and experiences that are sold on this holiday. Although some large corporations feast on the sale of cheap chocolates, many small businesses, specifically like flower shops, chocolate shops, and restaurants, experience more customers and orders, which can be significant to small operations.  Especially in a down year(like 2020), Valentine's day can provide a significant income to those who have struggled as non-essential or other types of businesses. Some opposers argue that Valentine's day is generally only for making profits and selling products to the many couples in the world, while in reality Valentine's day can be celebrated with anyone for really any reason in any variety of ways. There are no wrong ways to celebrate but instead endless methods to show someone that one loves and cares for them, which makes the holiday unique and special. Valentine's Day provides them with a day of compassion and love, which can never hurt to have, especially in divided and stressful times like now. This unique holiday lets people express love, support businesses, and celebrate the relationships within one's lives, but generally gets painted as an irrelevant, unnecessary, and expensive holiday.

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