What Are the Characteristics of a Good Leader?

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Leader?
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What qualities make up a good leader? This question is hard to answer because we can look back at some of history’s greatest leaders and we will see that they all have very different qualities. However, there are some qualities that are mandatory for someone to be a good leader, and that are all found in all of the world’s greatest leaders.

A major trait that is required in all great leaders is integrity. Integrity means that even when things are tough or don’t go your way you never give up and you fight for what you believe in. A good example of a leader with integrity is Martin Luther King Jr. He protested for rights for African Americans. And even though many people turned their protest violent or fought against him, he never gave up. He even had his house burned down by someone who didn’t like his views but he still keeps ongoing. Martian is such a great representative of what a great leader is. He fights for what he believes in and never gave up until the end.

Another important trait of a good leader is being wise. If you do not have wisdom over a situation then you’re going to fail at leading people through it. A person that is a good example is Stalin. Even though he was not a very good person he was a good leader. Stalin was very wise and knew what he was doing. He knew how to get people to do what he said and how to convince them to follow him. He also knew that some other parts of the world may not agree with what he was saying, so he covered it up and didn’t let the rest of the world see what he was doing. So, even though he used his wisdom to do bad things it still helped him achieve his goals. Proving that he was an effective leader.

One last trait that is required to be a good leader is courage. A leader that shows courage is Rosa Parks. Some people may say that she’s not a leader, but due to how she started a movement I say that she is. Rosa Parks knew that the discrimination buses were unfair and not right so when she was told to move she put her foot down and said no. She ended up going to jail for this but she did it because she knew it was right. This shows tons of courage. She knew that she would get in trouble for doing this but she still stood up for what was right regardless of what it would cost her. And that shows a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in. This makes Rosa Parks an amazing leader.

So, those are three qualities that a great leader must possess. There are of course many more but I believe that these are some of the most important qualities that will be found inside a great leader. And that’s what makes up a great leader.

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