Why Fargo, ND Is a Best Place to Live

Why Fargo, ND Is a Best Place to Live
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North Dakotans have always been known for their kindness. Fargo is no exception to this, most of the time people try to help out their community. When there’s a flood many people volunteer to help fill upwards of 400,000 sandbags, when there’s a pandemic people “Mask up”. With Giving Hearts Day right around the corner people are feeling especially generous. 

Fargo has that feeling of a smaller town and the opportunities of a larger one; it could be described as the best of both worlds. Wallethub made an article titled “the best and worst places to raise a family” and Fargo was ranked 8th. In addition to that, many younger people are moving here because of the Microsoft jobs, affordability and the affordable tuition rates at the area’s colleges. Because of that, Fargo is becoming more progressive and new stores and restaurants are opening up here that are tailored to younger people. 

There are also many arts opportunities in this great city. You can go to a musical or play at Gooseberry, FMCT or Trollwood. You can also experience some visual arts at the Plains Art Museum. Arts are crucial to any community. I believe a city without any visual or performing arts is not a city worth living in. 

However great a city is, there is still room for improvement. There are two main things I would make downtown safer and try to restore the tallgrass prairie. Downtown Fargo is a rather unsafe place to be especially at night. I would try to increase funding to anti-homelessness and humane anti-drug programs. That would be my main priority but my secondary one would be to help restore the tallgrass prairie.

 North Dakota used to be completely covered in the tallgrass prairie but most of it was plowed to make way for farming; only three percent of the tallgrass prairie remains. My proposed solution to this would be to try to plant some of the prairie plants in the ditches. I would also push for the creation of a tallgrass prairie park. This park would be a good destination for schools to go on field trips to educate them about the importance of native plants.

If I held the mayoral power I would work to improve the good and fix the bad. Fargo is a place where people help out where they can. Fargo is a great place to live and if I was mayor I would try to improve it in every way I could.

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