Why This College Essay Example

Why This College Essay Example
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📌Published: 01 April 2021

Deciding on where to go to college is one of the toughest decisions A young adult decides. During my senior year,  I decided I wanted to attend Southeast Tech. Four-year degrees are more expensive compared to technical schools. One of the main reasons I chose the school was because of the affordability. The location of the school was another big reason. Completing school in two years and starting my career sooner than four-year degrees was my final reason.  Nowadays technical schools are becoming popular. People do not like being in a lot of debt after college. Paying for school for 10 years after college is not everyone’s desire. Starting   life comes after college. If someone is in a lot of debt, they must put some things on a halt and worry about paying their schooling off. Affordability, location to my hometown, and finishing earlier than a four-year degree are the reasons I chose Southeast Tech .

Affordability is the first reason I picked STC school. Seeing a bunch of my older friends having debt from four-year degrees was eye opening. I knew I did not want to be like that. I want to be able to get a house or car after finishing college. The stress of being in a lot of debt can ruin people. No one wants that stress. Compared to other tech schools STC is more affordable. STC has an excellent system for being so affordable. A lot of my friends are thinking about transferring as well because of how much cheaper it is than SDSU or USD. Young adults tend to not be smart when it comes to deciding a school. If their friends go to a big college, they think they must go. In some cases, those people end up transferring to a tech school because they figure out they will save a lot of money. A big life lesson I learned was not to follow people. Do what is best for yourself . Choosing the four-year degree for no reason is not an educated choice. 

Location is my second reason for choosing the school.  I moved from Yankton to go to school here. I can go home and work on weekends due to the school being a little over an hour from Yankton. The location of Sioux falls is great. It is a short drive to get to for most people. The  city has much to offer. The variety of activities and things to do is great. Working out, playing golf, and even going to the mall are some of the things Sioux falls has to offer. I knew I did not want to go to college in A  boring town with nothing to do. Driving back to Yankton to see family is nice too. The city  is big but not too big. People here are friendly and easy to get along with. Going to school in a bigger city would have not been good. I am used to small towns . I like being able to do things without having to watch my back all the time. In bigger cities you  must do that.  If it were a city with high crime rates, I would have looked at other options. I knew there was a little bit of crime, but that will be everywhere. I had to ask people where good and bad areas were, to have an idea of where to get an apartment. I ended up getting an apartment right by the school. It is convenient being so close to school. After being here for A semester, I know I picked the right school because of the location .

Technical schools are looked down on. People tend to look down on people that attend technical schools.The reason for it is because they think they will not make as much money as someone at a 4-year degree. However, this information tends to be invalid. Some degrees tend to  make more money, but a vast majority of degrees can be achieved at a technical school. A high percentage of people from technical schools tend to make more than people at 4-year colleges. The debt from 4-year degrees is crazy too. College students tend to come out of college in 60,000 or more dollars in debt. Finishing college is a big accomplishment. I would not want to complete it and not be able to buy A house or car because I must pay a big college loan back. At a technical school you can start working a lot sooner. Getting a house will come a lot sooner. Furthermore, you will make money two years before people from 4-year degrees are even finished. I plan to pay my college loan off in a year or two. At a 4-year school that is hard to do. The amount of debt you are in is just more.  I will have a lot more job experience before someone at a 4-year degree completes their degree. I can save money and have two more years of planning for my future.

Affordability, location to my hometown, and finishing earlier than a four-year degree are the reasons I chose Southeast Tech. The affordability of the school is great. I will not have the headache of being in a lot of debt after school. Location was a big factor because my job is in Yankton. Finishing two years earlier than a four-year degree is awesome too. I can start my career faster. In today’s day and age people are going more towards technical schools. Most people do not want the stress of being in too much debt from school. There are still some people today though that believe technical schools are not enough schooling. Those people need to do more research. I will for sure tell my kids all the pros of technical schools!

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