Review on Eight-week Course at Amarillo College

To begin with, during my time in this class I was very appreciative of how considerate my instructor was to give me an exceptional amount of time to complete the assignments he would assign to our class. I appreciated the way that my teacher gave me a reasonable period to complete my assignments, and there are not many professors who would allow their students the chance to get an extraordinary amount of time to complete their assignments.

One of the aspects that need to be improved in this class is that teachers should be prepared to spend the first few days in the classroom, helping students to grasp the technology and learn how to deal with it, particularly if it is their first year in college. Work exercises are the best way for students to test skills to make sure they remember what to do, ask questions to get help before the tasks begin. Some of the best ways teachers can use technology to help create a great learning experience for their students include video conferencing. Many online instructors would also continue to hold lectures or instruction time for students. These video conferencing services allow online teachers to schedule unique dates for their students to attend a lecture or class, allowing others who teach online the ability to further clarify topics in a manner that students will see.

For me, taking an eight-week course is less difficult than you expect. You’re going to be through a lot faster than regular college semesters. These courses will run 12 to 18 weeks. Regardless of the duration of the course session, you can still receive the same amount of credit. Also taking an eight-week course at Amarillo College benefits you if you have a busy schedule, such as full-time jobs or family commitments, shorter courses might be best suited. Ac will also offer courses that take place at night or on weekends with longer periods of time per class session, and now with Covid, most of the lessons are provided by all remote classes. Also with people getting Covid, a lot of people who are in quarantine who still want to go to college will benefit. So far, my first college experience is better than I anticipated, but I'm pleased that AC takes Covid 19 very seriously and takes precautions for students and teachers


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