Self-Reflection on Reading and Writing

Self-Reflection on Reading and Writing
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Reading and Writing has always been an interesting factor in my life. Reflecting on reading and writing has broadened my view on the effects they’ve had on me, and my view for them. Reading wasn’t a strength for me, so I had to figure out ways to gain my ability to read. As much as I’d like to be interested in written language, it never has been a hobby to me. Reading and writing aren’t my biggest interests, but they have helped me learn many things about myself. There have been many lessons learned through reading and writing.

Various people love to read and write, but it isn’t a hobby for me. Sports are an immense part of my life. Outside of school most of my time is spent playing or practicing sports. To me, this is the best way to spend my free time. Everyone has their gifts and my greatest gift is my ability to play sports. Reading a book doesn’t sound fun to me, and it’s never been a hobby outside of school for me. Also, the only time I write is when I have to in school. Written language is a great value for me in school because it helps me do something I’m not the best at. I’ve never written in a journal, written my own story or book, or written a poem for fun. This doesn’t mean I don’t try when it comes to written language in school. I have been taught to work hard in everything I do. From a young age, I’ve always worked hard in school. I always stayed on top of assignments and still do today. Written language isn’t a hobby to me, but it has helped me learn that I have a love for other things.

As a student, reading hasn’t been my greatest strength, but I have done certain things to assist my reading knowledge. An experience that comes to my mind brings me back to my elementary school days. My family lived in Las Vegas at the time. I was the most competitive kid in everything no matter what we were doing. Reading was a time for me to compete with others. I strived to be the fastest reader in my class. I practiced continuously and became one of the top readers in my grade! This didn’t satisfy me. I noticed I couldn’t remember anything I read. I was so focused on being the fastest reader, but I should’ve focused on trying to understand what I was reading. I started transferring my love for sports to help my reading. Often I’d visit the library to read books about different sports, professional athletes, and sports history. My love for reading grew even more, and I started remembering a lot of the things I read. Although I’m still not the greatest at remembering everything I’ve read, I learned to go get something if I want it.

Reflecting on reading and writing has guided me to see the effects they have on me, and the views I have on them. As I have said, reading and writing aren’t hobbies for me, but they have affected me. In my sophomore year, I wrote a paper that expanded my view on life. This paper was about our philosophy of life. Usually, I don’t go into deep thought about assignments, but this one made me think. This is when I saw the impact writing has on me. I reflected over my lifetime and figured out the reasons I’m here, along with why I do the things I do. Reading has also affected me. Inspirational stories I have read in the past have helped me improve on myself and become a better person. They have helped me feel wanted and special. Written language has helped me learn many things and overcome significant obstacles.

Reflecting on reading and writing throughout my life has helped me to see the impacts they have on me. Still, I’m not exceptional at reading or writing by any means, but I’ve learned numerous things about myself. I have other hobbies that I’d rather do, but when I’m in school written language has value for me. Written language has taught me new things about myself that I’ve never learned. I wish written language had a greater impact on me, but there are additional activities I’d rather perform. In the future, I’d love to create time to practice reading and writing on a daily basis.

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